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S.E.X. Review~ The Luck of Love by Serena Akeroyd

With a covert deployment beckoning, Luke Gray is certain death is near. The sandbox has been kind to him in the past, but sure his luck has run out, Luke starts to pull away from his nearest and dearest--lovers, Josh and Gia.

As a brigadier general, Josh isn't at home as much as he'd like, and living in an unusual relationship makes his baby girl ripe for bullying. Coming face to face with prejudice is nothing new, but having to deal with his sins being visited upon his daughter is another thing entirely.

Hiding the fact she's a bestselling gay romance author from her lovers makes life a little unusual for Gia, but she's living a dream--she's the stuffing in a bisexual relationship between two of the strongest men she's ever known.

When news of Luke's deployment breaks, when the aftermath of her daughter's bullying hits home, all Gia can do is regroup and protect the unorthodox family she's helped to create. In this case, a glass slipper won't work any magic, but a gold ring holds promises Luke desperately needs. Will a wedding save their small unit or will it be the tipping point?

The Luck of Love, the first book in by Serena Akeroyd’s serial The Luck of Love was a wonderfully written short read.

Gia, Luke, and Josh were realistic characters with very real worries, trials, and tribulations in their life. Military men meets surrogate- now- partner, the ménage created a life all unto their own with their daughter.

I enjoyed the realism intertwined throughout the story and I appreciated each character and what they brought to the table.

Josh’s militant attitude, Luke’s peacemaker style, and Gia’s need to nurture blended well. A quick read, an HEA, but not a complete story; I look forward to the next installment.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review 

2018 ©Evelise Archer All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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S.E.X. Review~ Lover by TM Smith

Lover – A Survivor story

Life has not always been kind to Shannon Dupree. On the outside he’s carefree and fun loving, but when it comes to his past he’s evasive and secretive. Running away from emotionally bereft parents at just fifteen, Shannon escapes life with them but steps into the waiting arms of the devil. 

Rory Landers is a rising star at the Bureau. His personal life, however, is nothing to write home about. He hopes to take his limited relationship with Frank Moore to the next level when they finally solve the Langford murder case, but that doesn’t turn out as planned. On the plus side, he meets free-spirited college senior Shannon Dupree.

Rand Davis finds himself fortysomething and single when his partner of more than a decade is unfaithful. Taking over the Cold Case Squad frees up some of his time, and Rand welcomes newfound friendships within the Langford-Moore family circle. He thinks relationships are not in the cards for him until he meets an agent with an attitude and a vivacious blond that make him want so much more. 

Past, present, pain, and suffering collide, ushering in the possibility of a life and love worth fighting for. Although their personalities couldn't be more different, their three hearts beat the same. Shannon, Rory, and Rand learn the definition of love, commitment, and strength and if they allow themselves, the trio will find all that and more—in each other.

TM Smith’s follow-up to Survivor, Lover was a wonderful addition to the trilogy. Shannon, Rory, and Rand were electric not only in the sexual department, but everyday life.

The veil of secrecy following the main characters from their persona of book one came to a forefront. Now that as readers, we know who all the players are, the story was able to take off and drive itself through Ms. Smith’s careful pen.

I adored Shannon and his survival attitude. Rand and Rory were stoic men and brought forth a stability to the story. Together, the three men united and were stronger in the end.

The drama was well written and the story flowed. I’m loving this series and can’t wait for the next book. Ms. Smith’s style of writing draws the reader in and captivates. I couldn’t get enough!

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

2018 ©Evelise Archer All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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S.E.X. Spotlight~ A Loving Mix

A Loving Mix: Loving Day Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance


In our world, outside forces find reasons to keep us apart. Wealth, religion, and
race are dividing factors. All manmade barriers that have nothing to do with the
heart of the people involved. Although wealth and religion can be hidden, race
On June 12th, 1967, the Supreme Court struck down the laws that enforced
racial segregation in marriage and Loving Day was created. To celebrate this
step to remove this unjust barrier to love, eight Interracial Romance authors
have come together to celebrate with stories that challenge the social norms on
both sides of the coin. With contemporary, paranormal and historical settings
discover how finding the other half of your soul is worth fighting for.
Beyond Everything by Angela Kay Austin
When you’re trying not to be found, what happens when you can’t hide from
tradition, family or love?
The Dance by Jamallah Bergman
Living in a small town was hard enough but when old traditions are about to
mess with their Senior dance, Sophie decides that enough is enough. As she
embarks on her quest for a dance where ‘everyone is welcome’ she learns a lot
along the way about her small town’s racial history.
Grave Intentions -A Witch for Hire Novella by Shyla Colt
Hedge-witch, Cedar Hollings is used to working odd cases, but tracking a
necromancer with the witch-hating vampire Arlington Bonnor is taking her downa path she never imagined for herself.
An Imperfect Family by Tricia Drammeh
Zach and Claudia have always believed their love for each other could overcome
any obstacle, but when Zach’s teenage children come for a summer visit, an
unforeseen challenge threatens to destroy their love and everything they have
planned for their future.
Two if by Sea by Ines Johnson
Set sail on this fish out of water adventure as the Arthurian Lady of the Lake
crash lands into the Greek God of the Sea in “Two if by Sea”!
Secret Devotion by Reana Malori
Loving someone shouldn’t have to be so tough. Tanner and Chantell have loved
each for a lifetime, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Long-held bigotry and
prejudice has stood in the way of their love for too long. After years of hiding
behind the veil of friendship, Chantell has had enough and she’s willing to leave
Tanner if things don’t change. What she doesn’t realize is, Tanner will never let
her go.
Unintended by Cerece Rennie Murphy
Not all good news is cause for celebration. When eighteen-year-old Katherine
comes home from her first semester of college engaged to Clayton Davis, what
was expected to be a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner erupts into a multi-family
crisis as secrets are revealed, cultures clash, and confrontations re-open old
wounds. You’re Invited!
All That Matters In Her World by Michel Prince
John Brand IV knows he lives the easy life, but all that matters is being part of
Audi Cartwright’s world even if it costs him everything he’s been given.

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Author Bio

Angela Kay Austin - Angela Kay Austin writes Women’s Fiction and Romance;
stories of women who have been broken, but not beaten from her home in
Tennessee were she writes and dreams.
Jamallah Bergman - Jamallah Bergman writes both Contemporary and Erotica
Interracial Romance and also enjoys other hobbies in Atlanta GA where she
lives with her daughter.
Shyla Colt - USA Today Bestselling Author, Shyla Colt lives off coffee in the
Buckeye state, genre-hops her way through romance stories, and writes urban
fantasy into the wee hours of the morning.
Tricia Drammeh - Tricia Drammeh is an editor, blogger, and author of
multicultural fantasy, young adult paranormal, and contemporary fiction.
Ines Johnson - Lover of fairytales, folklore, and mythology, Ines Johnson spends
her days reimagining the stories of old in a modern world so that she can write
books where damsels cause the distress, princesses wield swords, and moms
save the world.
Reana Malori - Reana Malori is a Best Selling Author of contemporary,
paranormal and military romance books featuring women of color.
Cerece Rennie Murphy - Cerece Rennie Murphy is the National best selling and
award-winning author of 7 science fiction, fantasy, historical romance, and
children’s books that stimulate your mind and capture your heart.
Michel Prince-USA Today Best Selling Author Michel Prince lives in the Twin
Cities Area and writes contemporary, paranormal and sports romance.

Author websites:
Angela Kay Austin -
Jamallah Bergman
Shyla Colt
Tricia Drammeh:
Ines Johnson:
Reana Malori -
Cerece Rennie Murphy-
Michel Prince

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2018 ©Evelise Archer All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

S.E.X. Spotlight~ Steven by Suzy Shearer

The Silk Rope Masters
Book One
by Suzy Shearer

Heat Rating: Level 4
Word Count: 64,579

They ooze power, control, natural dominance - and sex. They are The Silk Rope Masters.​
None have ever found love but watch out! When they fall, they'll fall fast and hard!
When 52 year old Avril Thomson overheard two women talking about a BDSM club, it had her intrigued. Determined to finally explore her desire for pain during sex, she signed up for the information evening at Silk Rope.
Steven Bray, 53, is a sadist. He noticed her as soon as he entered into the room, she was hard to ignore. Beautiful, plenty of curves, but with an unapproachable demeanour.​
His cock had twitched when she admitted she wanted to explore pain - heavy pain.

The question is was she a sexual sadist and, if so, would she allow Steven to teach all there was to love about pain.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, voyeurism, flogging, public exhibition

This is an erotic romance. There are explicit sexual descriptions and explicit language used throughout. It will offend some readers.

Avril wondered how she managed to stand. Her legs were weak and wobbly, but she was determined not to show how she really felt. She couldn't stop shaking as she followed the two Masters from the lounge and into the foyer.  Her mouth was dry, her blood rushing through her veins, and in her mind, she could still hear the moans of the women she'd seen. She'd been glad of the chance to get herself under control in the lounge but wasn't sure she did a very good job. Still, she resolved not to let the man, Steven, see how much she was affected both by the things she'd seen—and by him. But, judging by the intense looks he'd given her a couple of times, she had the distinct impression he could see right through her pretence.
On top of it all, part of her was in total shock—she'd been excited and still felt it!
After collecting her handbag, somehow, she made it home in one piece, and then she almost threw herself into a cold shower. She needed to calm down, the things she'd seen, the way those men control the situations, the hits—the obvious pain.
Even after her shower she was still turned on. Who would have believed it? Who on earth could get excited by watching someone getting whipped? Feeling pain?
Only her.
She was a woman who'd never gotten excited until now, but more importantly, she was damn aroused! Lying in bed, she remembered every detail, the way those women had screamed, the way each hit had made her wish it was her body stretched out. The way that last woman had been taken. She'd been fucked—no other way to describe it. And she'd climaxed, screaming in pleasure when she came! Avril wished it was her. She wished she were the one stretched out, tied down, and whipped by—by Master Steven.
Fuck, this is crazy! I don't even like the man! He scared me.
Still, she fell asleep to dream of those all-seeing gray eyes staring at her, of the way his eyebrow lifted, the tiny quirk of his lips.
© Suzy Shearer 2018

He led his charges through the lounge and turned right into the first scene area. For the nights when there was an information evening, club members knew the first three or four stages either side downstairs would only be used for the “gentler” aspects of the lifestyle. So this one was mild by BDSM standards—it was a spiderweb. On it, a naked woman was being repeatedly tapped very lightly with a flogger. He heard the swift intake of breath from his student.
Mm, that’s intriguing. He stood behind Ms. Thompson as several more soft blows landed on the woman's breasts and smiled to himself when he heard Ms. Thompson's tiny whispered groan.
They walked between the couches set around the stage. On one a naked woman was sucking a man's cock while on another a naked man knelt on all fours on the floor, his mistress resting her feet on his buttocks while she chatted to another dominant.
Steven took the three of them into the next scene area to see their reaction. This time it was a St. Andrew’s cross with a woman tied face down on it. The woman screamed—loudly, shouting for the man hitting her to stop. She begged as each strike of the leather crop left an angry red welt across her ass cheeks.  Steven snuck at glance at the beautiful woman beside him. Her eyes had dilated, her nose widened, mouth slightly open. The other couple seemed a little shocked, and Steven got the impression their idea of a “little smacking” would only be limited to hands or maybe the gentle caress of a flogger.
He would show them one last scene to be sure—the fuck bench. He wouldn't take them any further along or upstairs where some of the more intense scenes would be playing out. They never liked scaring off potential members by overwhelming them too quickly. Instead here he knew Evan had his sub on the bench tonight with Simon to help. It would appear to be an intense scene as far as newbies were concerned. This would give him an idea of how much pain the three charges wanted. When they arrived, he stood between Ms. Thomson and the Ryans, listening and watching carefully to their reactions.
The sub, Denise, was lying face down on the bench with her ass in the air, her wrists and ankles restrained. Simon was hitting her hard with his flogger, much harder than the two previous scenes, and already her back was bright red. Steven knew Denise was no true masochist, although she did enjoy a certain level of pain. Except for Peter's wife, Renata, there were no true sexual masochists in the club. Steven knew there was no way Denise could handle the volume or strength of the pain he longed to inflict.
They watched as each strike landed. Denise would scream, begging for mercy in between panting loudly. The couple beside him turned away, and he thought the woman looked ill.
Right, they definitely only want to indulge in light spanking.
He glanced down at his other side. Ms. Thomson had leaned forward seemingly subconsciously. When each hit landed, she gave a shudder, but it wasn't of fear. At least judging by the increase in her breathing and the flush to her face, she was becoming excited.
Evan had been playing with Denise's pussy, and now he rammed his condom-covered cock deep into her. Ms. Thomson's groan was much louder this time. He was sure she was unaware of her reaction as Steven's own cock swelled tightly, and uncomfortably, in his leathers. He waited until Denise's screams for mercy became screams of delight as she climaxed. The woman alongside of him had been subconsciously panting softly in time with Denise.

© Suzy Shearer 2018

LINKS - WHERE TO FIND SUZY:                                                         

Angus and Robertson:

Author Suzy Shearer writes contemporary and paranormal erotic romances filled with mature and interesting characters. Her books always feature older heroes and heroines; ranging from mid 40s to 60s. The heroines are usually confident plus-sized women who are proud of their curves. Suzy feels it's important for readers to connect.  Her characters are older but maybe not always wiser.  Suzy wants her readers to relate to her characters desires, fears and hopes. Sexy isn't just for the under 30s.
In 2017 Suzy was nominated for the Best Established Author in the Australian Romance Today Readers’ Choice Award. She made it through all the rounds to reach the finals against some extremely talented and well-known Australian Romance Authors. 
 A Buddhist, Suzy is single and lives in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia.  When Suzy is not writing, she is usually painting - an accomplished watercolour Artist her subjects range from portraits and animals to nudes and landscapes. 

The Club series
The Club: Bound
The Club 2: Uncollared           
The Club 3: Waxed
The Club 4: Displayed
The Club 5: Submit
The Club 6: Unmasked

The Hunters series
A Hunter's Heart - Book 1
A Hunter’s Choice - Book 2
A Hunter’s Challenge - Book 3

Dark Desires series
(each book is a standalone)
Whipped Delights      
Craving Her Master    
Melting Her Dom’s Heart
An Artist’s Kiss
Elephants and Ever-Afters

Single Titles
Daemons Are Forever
Build a Love
Perfect Three
Her Dom’s Secret Past
Vol 1 - The Club (Bound and Uncollared)
Vol 2 – The Club (Waxed and Displayed)
Vol 3 – The Club (Submit and Unmasked)
A Hunter’s Heart
A Hunter’s Choice
A Hunter’s Challenge
Perfect Three
Daemons Are Forever
Build A Love
Whipped Delights
Craving Her Master
Melting Her Dom’s Heart
An Artist’s Kiss
Elephants and Ever-Afters

2018 ©Evelise Archer All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.