Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bodyguard to a Sex God

Bodyguard Adam Freeman draws what everyone else thinks is the short straw at the convention for the procedural cop show-as bodyguard to TV actor Logan Brady. Or as the Internet has labeled him, Logan ‘Sex God’ Brady.

Logan is taking part in a convention at a London Hotel for his show, ‘Night Cop’ and someone is threatening his life.

Adam gets more than he bargained for when his client combines coming out of a closet with them trying to stay alive.


Bodyguard to a Sex God is the first book in R.J. Scott’s new series, Bodyguards Inc. and a series that will be well worth following. I adored this book as we met Adam, bodyguard working for Bodyguards Inc. and Logan, television actor in need of definite guarding.

American actor, Logan is at a convention in London, England and his agent has hired Bodyguards Inc. to safeguard him as Logan has received threatening letter, gifts, etc.  British ex-cop, Adam now works for BI and has been assigned to watch over the ‘pretty boy’. The two men meet and the chemistry instantly ignites as the men find themselves increasingly attracted to each other.  Problem one, Logan is not out of the closet. Problem two, Adam doesn’t sleep with clients. Both problems soon go by the wayside as Logan is forced to out himself and Adam definitely sleeps with the client.

R.J. Scott weaves a sensual story of love and desire, insecurity and vulnerability.  As always, Ms. Scott’s characters come alive through her writing and every expression and yearning is radiated through the pages.  She paints a portrait of men who live and love fiercely as they struggle with their professional lives and feeling for each other.

The secondary characters enhance the story line and add wit, humor, and bonds that are forged when people create their own familial connections.

Adam and Logan learn to trust each other in the face of physical danger and in the scary game of love. Ms. Scott left me cheering for their happily ever after and smiling at a wonderful ending.

A definite must read and another winner by R.J. Scott.
5 Handcuff review.

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