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Genre: Sci fi erotic romance with BDSM (M/F)
Number of Pages: 80
Release Date: 1/9/13


Love with the enemy can be the ultimate surrender…

Fiona Lockhart struggles to survive after Earth is conquered by powerful aliens. She knows it's only a matter of time before her schizophrenic mother acts out at the wrong time and place and brings down the wrath of their captors. So when turncoats offer Fiona a way to keep her mother safe, she can't refuse—even though it means marrying a Kall warrior and posing as the First Daughter, Betsy Carson.

Kall warrior Merokk has mixed feelings about marrying a human woman, but it's his duty and he can't refuse. He enjoys taming the headstrong Betsy, and a good spanking now and then makes the passion burn. The sex is sizzling, and as the months pass, Merokk discovers the feelings for his little wife run deep. But when he learns of her deceit after the real Betsy Carson surfaces, Merokk's new world shatters. Can he learn to forgive Fiona, or will he spend the rest of their lives punishing her for a crime she never wanted to commit?


Erotic and sexually gratifying describe Sue Lyndon’s Surrender; book one in the Alien Warrior series. Earth has just reached a peace settlement with the conquering Kall alien nation. From this settlement, Merokk, Kall warrior and son of a high ranking Kall official is to marry the President of the United States daughter. One problem, the President’s daughter, upon hearing of the arranged marriage, has disappeared and a replacement must be found in order to keep peace.

Fiona looks much like the daughter and is black-mailed into marrying the warrior in exchange for medical treatment for her ailing mother. Fiona agrees and finds herself wed to the Kall warrior with Merokk thinking she is someone else.

The Kall are a dominant race in lifestyle and in bed, which Fiona soon learns.  Ms. Lyndon takes the reader on an erotic endeavor of wonderful kink as Fiona is stimulated, tied and spanked by her warrior husband.  Domestic disciple and sexual play are rampant throughout the story, thus enabling Fiona to ignite with desire as she soon realizes the burning in her loins is triggered by the heavy hand of Merokk.

I wanted to dislike Merokk as I found his character overbearing and emotionally cruel at times. Nonetheless, he was so well written by Ms. Lyndon that I actually formed a soft spot for him.  I realized that the author purposely wrote his character in such fashion as BDSM was not a lifestyle choice for the Kall warrior, but a lifestyle which needed to be carefully articulated in order to give meaning to Merokk and Fiona’s relationship and substance to the story.

Although Fiona is shell shocked by the sometimes heavy handed treatment of her husband she soon finds herself in love with him and is destroyed when he rejects her upon discovering her deception. Merokk must make a choice because he too has fallen in love and losing his ‘little one’ may not be an option.

Sexually rewarding, the pages of my reader sizzled as I was dragged into the world of Merokk and Fiona. I look forward to reading more stories in this series. A definite keeper.

Pure S.E.X.
5 Handcuff Review

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