Sunday, February 3, 2013

Under the Australian Sky

Under the Australian Sky by AJ Kelton
Genre: M/M
Category: Time Travel
Length: 129 pages
Publisher: MLR Press
Available Format: Ebook
Heat Rating: Sizzling


What would you do if you suddenly found yourself transported back in time?

Being a farmer in the 1800's is hard; being a gay farmer even harder. Ethan has given up on finding his soul mate until a strangly dress man wanders onto his land spouting nonsense about phones and cars. 

Jack is King of the one night stands refusing to give anyone his heart until a chance encounter with Christian, a matchmaker longing to earn his cupid wings sends Jack back in time. 

Can Jack give his heart to Ethan or will he become another conquest? Will Christian ever earn his cupid wings? Will they find love under the Australian Sky?


Sometimes love is difficult to find. Sometimes love is right in front of you. Sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction. Under the Australian Sky by A.J. Kelton personifies these words.  Texas native Jack has a home away from home in Australia and is frequently visiting.  He is the epitome of a play boy, screw them and leave them. Christian is a matchmaker and wants to earn his cupid wings.  Christian also has a kinky side and when he is assigned to find Jack’s soul mate he views it as the perfect opportunity to help himself and Jack.

Ethan lives in the Outback and is Jack’s destined soul mate.  The only problem is, is that he lives in the 1800’s where is souls remains trapped and Jack lives in the present.  The book spans modernism and the past as the two worlds collide as Christian sends Jack back in time to find his one true loves and also help Christian earn his wings.

Christian’s character made me chuckle, as kinky and horny practically fail to describe him. He desired Jack for own sexual gratification and sought him out whenever possible. No spoilers here, but Jack eventually sees the light.

Ethan was a timidly attractive young man who feared exposure, but bared his heart and soul in his attraction to Jack. The author allowed his character to mature in his feelings and his sexuality as he went from virgin to sex fiend.  The sex between Jack and Ethan was steamy and explosive. Ethan was willing to try it all, and boy did he!

Although Jack was an overindulgent playboy and a one-night-stander, I really liked his character. He made no bones concerning his sexual expertise or his ability to satisfy any man. The element of kink was just right and permeated throughout the story. Jack was smokin’ and Jack knew it. But, once Jack got over the shock of being transported back in time and actually started to see Ethan for the loving, caring man he was, the playboy fa├žade began to fade. I appreciated the authors slow progression of Jack’s awakening. 

Overall, I loved this story. Under the Australian Sky had just enough of all the elements that I look for when I am reading a tale; eroticism, BDSM, hot males and an HEA.

Definite S.E.X.
5 Handcuff Review

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