Monday, April 1, 2013

Be Still the Night


Jason should have known his life was going to change the moment she stepped out of the shadows dressed in all black leather. He really shouldn’t have been surprise when she stabbed the man in the alley. 

Jason’s being drawn into a whole new world where there are vampires, gods, mates, and sisters who turn into wolves and very large cats. Around every corner is a new surprise, but Jason is finding himself getting closer and closer to the mystery woman, and he just can’t stay away. 

The battle between good and evil is starting up again and he’s caught in the middle. He must learn to fight to stay in her world, and along the way he just might learn something about his past he couldn’t have imagined. 

Fighting for her heart and his life, Jason knows he will stop at nothing until he wins the battle.


Be Still the Night by Shannon Reckler is the first novel in her new Slayer Series and damn what a start to the series. This book had it all; love, lust, compassion and intrigue. I adored Jason and Persephone, as well as the other sister slayers. Persephone is a slayer, hunting vampires, led by Cordin, along with her sisters, led by the head slayer, Demitri. All the women are the charges of Athena, who tends to butt heads with Demitri at any given moment, which makes for interesting chemistry.

Persephone saves Jason’s life, as he is attacked, and the attraction between the two is instantaneous; and let the fireworks begin. Ms. Reckler delivers women who are strong and fearless, with hearts of gold, bound together in life and death.

Ms. Reckler gave Persephone strength of character and compassion, which allowed her to grow emotionally from a hardhearted killer to a woman of substance guided by the love for and of her mate. Her strength emanated from the story, as did the forte of her mate Jason. Jason’s portrayal was sensual and sexy.

 Every time he spoke, Ms. Reckler took me deep into the south as his drawl washed over me. I felt the sexiness radiate through his speech and lure me in.

The sexual tension and desire between Persephone and Jason was playful and erotic at the same time. They did the dance of lovers, tentative, for fear of impending loss, yet forceful when they came together. The attraction between Jason and Persephone sizzled and made my loins quiver.

Shannon Reckler has written a racy dynamo with believable characters that ooze sex appeal and love. A  masterful start to a new series.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review.

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