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Spotlight Lexi DeHalo

L E X I  D E H A L O

Lexi DeHalo lived in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina until she left for college to study Chemistry and Forensic Science. Despite her love for science, Lexi’s heart has always belonged to the arts. So, after moving to the big city, she decided to pursue her creativity by writing hot stories about hot men who love other hot men.
She welcomes questions and comments from her readers on Facebook, Goodreads, or her website.

Forbidden Moon [Be-Were 2]
Adam Anderson must put aside his broken heart for his Pack. Taking on a dangerous mission deep within the mountains is a step in the right direction. When Adam is severely injured, he is rescued by a lone shifter with a past as troubled as his own. What evolves from there is a romance that awakens feelings he hasn’t had since the death of his mate.
After his pack’s betrayal, Cersin Everett swore never to trust again. He resigned himself to a solitary life far away from both pack and past. However, a hunting trip turned rescue mission brings him a man who can teach him what it means to hope again.

As Sin shows Adam his world, it becomes harder for them to deny their growing feelings. But theirs is a forbidden match, an unmated pairing. They will have to either surrender their newfound love or be torn apart by the world outside the sanctuary of Sin’s home.
Interview with Adam Anderson

Name: Adam Christian Anderson
DOB: October 19
Height: 6’0”
Eye Color: Gold
Occupation: Head Enforcer of the East Side Pack

Bio: After the death of his mate, Adam refused to take another lover. Determined that no man could satisfy his sexual cravings or heal his broken heart, he decided to focus on his career. Initially, he started out as a Sentinel, but after his best friend’s death in a battle with a neighboring Pack, Adam left the ranks of the Sentinels to join the Enforcers. As an Enforcer, he was able to be home more often and take care of his newly adopted son. After years of hard work, Adam has finally earned the esteemed title as Head Enforcer of the East Side Pack.

Food: Grilled Tomato and Cheese Sandwich
Song: Hurt by Johnny Cash
Holiday: Halloween
Animal: Wolf
Season: Fall

Q: Do you have any scars? How did you get them?
Adam: I only have one scar. It runs the length of my abdomen and was given to me by a shifter from a hostile pack.
Q: What is your biggest fear?
Adam: Losing my son, Charlie.
Q: When is the last time you really laughed out loud? What made you laugh?
Adam: Well, last Halloween Sin had decided he wanted to dress up. Let me just say seeing him in a pair of ass-less chaps, while entertaining, was hilarious especially when he had to go outside in thirty degree weather.
Q: What is your favorite thing about Sin?
Adam: I love the fact that even though he was once a big bad ass Alpha, Sin’s favorite past time is reading poetry. It’s like he’s all muscle and testosterone until you get to know him.
Q: What are your plans for the future?
Adam: I’m quite content with my current job as Head Enforcer and now that I have Sin in my life, I couldn’t ask for much more, but we have talked about adoption so who knows where we’ll be ten years from now.
Q: Who was your first love?
Adam: My mate, Tristan. Tristan had been the only man I’d ever loved and after his death I was consumed by a feeling of hopelessness. When I met Sin, he really helped me work through a lot of those emotions and opened my eyes to a whole new world.
Q: How has your opinion on love changed since meeting Sin?
Adam: Love was a hopeless endeavor, especially after being rejected by my mate and then his death a few years later. I thought I was doomed to be alone forever. Most men I tried to date couldn’t get past the fact that I had been mated. Sin was a welcomed surprise. He wasn’t intimidated at all by my past and he showed me that love is more than just a feeling. It’s a commitment to stand by that person’s side no matter what.
Q: What is one thing that annoys you about Sin?
Adam: Sin’s need to constantly take care of me. I’m Head Enforcer of my Pack for crying out loud. I think I can handle myself!
Q: Can we expect to see you in future books?
Adam: Of course. It’s a given that we’ll be showing up in the rest of the series. Our Pack is so close, we’re bound to make a cameo appearance in one or more books later on.

Review: Forbidden Moon

Lexi De Halo once again delivered a wonderfully sexy tale with the second book in her Be-Were series, Forbidden Moon. Adam Anderson had lost his mate, never binding them together for life. Cersin Everett lived on his own for years, dismayed at tragedy that stuck his family; together the two men learned to trust and love again.

While on a pack mission Adam is severely injured and rescued by lone wolf Sin. The attraction between the two shifters is immediate, although past experiences at first held them back from surging forward. Soon events changed the course of the two men’s lives and they came together in companionship and eventually love.

The relationship between Sin and Adam is an unusual one. Ms. DeHalo delivered poignant drama that accentuated the lives of the two wolves. They are not fated mates and thus are fearful of falling in love. Additionally, events in both their lives have led them to an impasse where neither dared cross. Ms. DeHalo delivered growth and maturity as Sin and Adam came to terms with their attraction, lust and love.

Surprises that I had not expected were added in the story (no spoilers) but gave light to the background of the men, as they came full circle.

Sin was a dominant wolf who desired Adam, wanting him to submit in the bedroom but not deferring in their everyday lives. He was powerful and foreboding, sexy a hell. I would not say they had a D/s relationship, but Adam had no issue submitting to Sin when it came to sex.

Adam was taken to heights he never dreamt could be achieved as he permitted Sin to take him into subspace and deliver mind-blowing sex. Although Adam was an enforcer for his pack, Ms. DeHalo portrayed him as a nurturer; loving and caring, family first.

I was endeared to both characters, whether they sat in front of the fire getting to know each other or upped the ante in a game of poker.

Forbidden Moon demonstrated that love finds a person when and where he least expects it. If a chance is to be taken in life, then it should always be in regards to love, because you may not get a second chance.

Beautifully written story, drama, suspense and hot sex. A must read.

Sexy & Sizzling
A four handcuff review.

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