Thursday, August 22, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Haunting Memories, The Garden of Elich 2


Sivney Forsàidh is a vampire with a sordid past. As one of the main forces of a paranormal investigation in Rome, he has a full plate that rarely gives him time to think about anything outside of work. He has spent too many years alone, and has trouble seeing a life that revolves around anything other than solitude.

Kyrien has lived his entire life in his uncle’s shadow. He struggles constantly with the knowledge he was made into a vampire solely for the purpose so another can discover his existence. He opens a popular nightclub named Calamity and focuses on little else. He resigns himself to eventually being revealed to his mate—or not, as the years that pass come to show.

A rash of crime breaks out across the holy city and brings the duo ever closer. They try and soothe their solitude with each other. The bodies start to pile up, and the ghosts of the past show their faces. These two must fight to stay together, and keep their newfound life together from falling apart.


Haunting Memories was a suspenseful read that gave more incite into The Garden of Elich series. Ms. Holender gave substance and life to the characters of Sivney and Kyrien. Both vampires, Sivney had a secretive and sordid past where he had experienced love lost. Kyrien, on the other hand was specifically made a vampire in order to ease the way for Sivney to regain life, unbeknownst to Siv.

Ms. Holender created a world where the lines of right and wrong blur and sometimes what is good for one can outweigh the good for the many- within reason. Kyrien’s characterization was sweet and sensual, made to sooth the balm that was Sivney’s soul; he loved the man from afar until the time to unite. 
Ms. Holender created a beautiful spirit in Kyrien’s nature.

Sivney was a hardened character that knew betrayal and loses. He was regimented and disciplined but displayed a particularly soft side upon discovering the truth of Kyrien’s existence. I could picture in my mind’s eye the two vampires strolling hand in hand along the streets window shopping or dancing a slow rhythmic movement of their bodies.

Haunting Memories validated both men’s memories and feelings while permitting them to leave the haunts in the past and be capable of moving forward.

Paranormals, sweet, hot sex- a must read.

Sexy and sizzling
A four handcuff review.

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