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S.E.X. Review~ An Undercover Submissive~ Peyton Elizabeth

Sander and Lashe Bartel belong to the Order, a clandestine group of wealthy men with a penchant for sharing women.  Their responsibilities include assuring the privacy of the members. Discovering that one of the journalists working at their publishing company had deceptively posed as a submissive at the club, they react posthaste. 
Trish Lawton intends to write an exposé accusing an admired senator of spending his free time abusing women in the guise of BDSM.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize the extent to which Sander and Lashe will go to stop her.  But is it really in the name of the Order?
To mitigate further damage and to explore the intense attraction they feel for Trish, Sander and Lashe utilize Safeword LLC.  She accepts the placement, and they slowly integrate her into their lifestyle.  An explosive encounter reveals that Trish has continued her investigation. Is the damage done by their undercover submissive too extensive to salvage their relationship?
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Safeword LLC series by Peyton Elizabeth has me completely enthralled in the lives of The Order and the BDSM placement establishment Safeword LLC. Peyton Elizabeth's newest creation, An Undercover Submissive does not disappoint. In fact, it may be my favorite to date, and that is saying a lot considering I have been captivated by all the books. 

Trish, a reporter with an ax to grind with the BDSM community had gone undercover to discover what she considered the nefarious and abusive world of BDSM. What she got was a dose of reality, two powerful Doms and the desire to release her inhibitions and accept her submissiveness. 

An Undercover Submissive delivered titillating sex with a touch of humor as Trish traversed the world of kink with brothers Lashe and Sander. What I most enjoyed about this book was that Ms. Elizabeth added a subtle piece of humor and cat & mouse to the story. Doms, Lashe and Sander were always kept on their toes where their naughty sub was concerned. Trish was bold and secure with a touch of snarkiness that endeared her to myself as a reader and the Doms she submitted to. 

Ms. Elizabeth gave depth to their relationship as she drew on reality outside the bedroom, where a strong woman could be submissive, but strong-minded in nature. The combination made for an interesting relationship between the ménage 

The strength of the Safeword LLC series and Ms. Elizabeth’s writing is the uncanny ability to create loving relationships with very different personalities, achieving maximum fulfillment for all, especially for the woman.

Peyton Elizabeth’s women are no wall flowers. Each woman may have a particular set of circumstances to deal with, but as detonated with Trisha, the woman holds all the power in the relationship. She guides and directs as her Doms give her countless hours of pleasure.

More books in this sexy series cannot be written fast enough.
Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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