Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spotlight~ Flynn Eire

Flynn has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal—ignoring the nuns at her grammar school who thought her a demon worshiper. Her outward appearance and personality doesn’t exactly fall in line with her twisted humor either, and Flynn gets a kick out of people’s initial reaction to how “normal” she is. So, after publishing over 100 titles under various names, it is finally time to unleash the evil twin, allowing Flynn the freedom to pursue the darker side of her imagination.

UPAC Sagas: Freaks and Rejects

What more could go wrong? Pran Ensele simply wanted peace, quiet, and his own slice of heaven. Packed up, stressed, and freaked out that he may not be able to handle everything in his life, he rushes to what he hopes will be a clean slate for him… Only to find the place up in smoke and the landlord is really a creep. Taking the advice of his brother, he decides to lay low in Scotland and attend the UPAC conference while the situation is resolved. Might as well have some fun and relax for a few days after such an upset. It’s not like things could get any worse.

Ambrozy Salama fell a little bit in love when he saw Pran dart into the ballroom and check to see if anyone noticed if he was late when there were thousands of people standing around. So when they’re forced to claim a mate, his choice is clear. Used to being treated cruelly simply for his looks, Ambrozy can only hope that Pran will forgive him for claiming him without permission and hiding his appearance until it was too late to go back. If that wasn’t bad enough, Ambrozy can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth when trying to make things better and show Pran he’s not a monster. But when he learns Pran’s wish for peace and a calm life, Ambrozy makes a plan to woo his mate with what he can provide… And slowly, maybe, Pran will see what’s under the exterior.

One step at a time, Pran and Ambrozy try to move past what happened. But amazing chemistry and sex isn’t enough to build a life together. It’s what gets them in the same room, and while they’re there, they might end up getting to know each other… And like one another. Can they both let go that Ambrozy’s the yeti and look to what they could have?

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