Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1NS 200th Bash Post~ Dakota Trace

“Slave, aren’t you make a huge deal out of this?”  Livvy, my p.i.t.a muse, pulled the cherry sucker from her mouth as she sat sideways on the loveseat next to me, her legs dangling over one arm.  Thank god she’d decided to wear a pair off leggings with her corset today, or she’d have been flashing me.  Although I had to admit the corset was sexy as hell AND matched the lollipop she was sucking on.  
“Nope.”  I continued to work on my post. “It’s not every day that a series can claim it has over 200 books in it.  Hard to believe it all started out as a three book series. I’m very lucky  to have a couple of stories in it. I love writing for the 1NS line.” 

Slipping the sucker back in her mouth, Livvy nodded before pushing it into her cheek.  It should’ve looked juvenile but somehow she pulled it off. “I still can remember when you sat down to write the first book.  What was the name of it again?”  She snaps her fingers.  “Blind…something. Lust?  Desire?”

I paused. “No, Blind Need.” 

“Ah, the story with the blind heiress and scarred firefighter.”

“Smoke-jumper.” I corrected. “Nate’s a specialized firefighter. He does more than just run into a burning buildings.  He JUMPS out of a perfectly good planes to help put out forest fires.”

“Crazy is what that is.”  Livvy swung one of her legs back and forth.  “Almost as crazy as letting your son led you around with a blind fold on so you could realistically write about a blind person. I mean what sane person does that?”

I stopped typing.  “You’re assuming that you haven’t stolen my insanity.” 

She pastes an innocent look on her face. “Who me?”

I prayed for patience. “Is there a reason you keep interrupting me? The sooner I get this done, the sooner I can work on Kyle and Lily’s story.”

She seemed to perk up at the announcement.  “That’s cool. I’ll be quiet.”

Grumbling under my breath I re-read what I’d just typed and began again, my fingers flying over the keyboard.  Silence would only last so long with Livvy. I think I got in two more sentences before she interrupted me again.

“So….are you telling them about how hard it was for you to write the first book, being that it was only 12,000 words?” 

DANG IT!    Slamming shut the laptop, I spun around and faced her.  Her eyes widened.  “Why don’t you go visit Lucien for the day?  I hear Shay is put out with him at the moment. You’d be the perfect punishment.”

Livvy actually laughed at me. “Can’t. Remember? I’m not allowed in the Tavern by myself.”

“Then make yourself useful. Want to tell the nice people about the contest.”

“Sure.”  I knew I was going to regret this, but if it got her out of my hair….

“Okay peeps, this the scoop.  Slave’s publisher is throwing this huge bash for 200 books or something.  Generous lady that she is, slave is going to give away a copy of Blind Need, her first 1NS book to one lucky commenter.  She just wants to know which 1NS is your favorite or would you like to read. She’ll draw a winner at the end of the bash.”  She pulled the sucker out of her mouth with a loud pop.  “Don’t forget to leave your email address for her to get ahold of you.” 

“Don’t forget to mention the main contest.”  I paused for a moment before resuming my typing.

“Oh yea. And the nifty rafflecopter below? Do what it says and you could win some pretty awesome prizes.” 

Blurb for Blind Need:

Two wounded souls, one blind and the other scarred, are matched up by the famous Madame Evangeline—neither one expecting more than a brief meeting of two bodies in the dark for one night.

Xaviera Navarro had it all, a wonderful career ahead of her running her family’s wine business, a sexy fiancé, and her dream-wedding around the corner, but that all changed in the blink of an eye. A freak accident has left the Navarro wine heiress blind with no future other than the company of her seeing-eye dog, Lucy. After licking her wounds, she finally is tired of her own company and ventures out in hopes of finding a man who might be strong enough to stand beside her but not in front of her. If she can’t have that, she’ll settle for a night of hot loving before returning home.

Ignatius "Nate" Ramirez is not only a scarred fire-jumper with a justifiably bad attitude toward women, he’s also under strict orders by his Captain that if he doesn’t get laid on his vacation, he’s going to bench him. After finding out about 1Night Stand, he requests Madame Evangeline find him the perfect fantasy woman to have under the cover of darkness. Figuring he’ll have a better chance with his date with all the lights out, he wasn’t expecting a feisty, no punches pulled heiress to knock him off his feet.

A blind woman and a scarred fire-jumper should be a match made in heaven, but will Nate and Xaviera manage to leave their baggage at the door and find love all in one night.
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