Monday, November 4, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Bite Me by Jana Downs

Jude Lawson has bad luck in love. When his friend stumbles upon a matchmaking service promising to pair him with the shifter of his dreams, he isn't entirely convinced. Little does he know that his first match will be the man destined to change his bad luck forever.

Logan Carter is a fox shifter who is looking for a second chance. Since adopting his younger brother after their parents’ death he’s not had much luck with relationships. Deciding to date a human might be a bit of a culture shock but it has to be better than not dating at all. Taking it slow might have been his plan but one glance at Jude shows him he wants anything but.

As jealous exes and hate groups try to drive a wedge in their newfound relationship, Logan and Jude will have to decide if staying together is worth whatever price they have to pay in order to find happiness.

Bite Me by Jana Downs was a light romance that took a new twist on shifter-human affairs. Logan, a red fox shifter signed up for a new dating agency sHarmony, which specialized in shifter-human services. Jude, a human, also signed up for the agency in the hopes of finding someone who wanted a serious relationship.  What the two found was their other half, mate.

Ms. Downs delivered sweet sensuality as the two men dated and grew closer before their mating. Ingenious of Ms. Downs to spin the shifter-human relations, their ability to mate and the outcome (no spoilers).  Logan was portrayed as a loving man in search of finding the one, but knowing that sometimes love could take its time. Even after he realized that Jude was his destined mate, he was realistic and level-headed in their union. He was also a man who loved his brother, whom he had been raising since the death of their parents.

Jude was carefree in his demeanor and high-spirited and immediately became entranced with Logan, feeling the mate pull and falling for the sexy shifter.

The secondary characters, Jude’s friends and Orion, Logan’s brother were a wonderful addition to the story and I hope to read more about them in subsequent books.

Bite Me was a wonderful start to a new series.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four handcuff review

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