Tuesday, November 12, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Bite Me, Too by Jana Downs

The only thing that Evan enjoys is playing in a hacker hangout and chatting with a fellow computer expert, BlackJoy. Up to this point, he's avoided the matches made by sHarmony's "Love Experts," but he is ready to try just about anything to find his prince charming. Little does he know that fate has already set him up with his perfect match.

Brandon is very intrigued by the man he plays games with on Hackverse. Working as head of internal security at sHarmony, he recognizes some of the programming he's encountered in the system as WrightTrigger's handiwork. Once he finds out that Evan has a profile on sHarmony, it's all too easy to set them up on a date. He doesn’t know that the man who intrigues him is really the mate of his dreams.

As their courtship heats up, outside threats might put a permanent end to their courtship before it really has the chance to blossom into romance.

I adore the new series by Jana Down, sHarmony Shifters
Bite Me, Too, second installment (and best read in order) was a wonderful continuation of Bite Me. Brandon and Evan are hackers extraordinaire who met online in Hackverse, virtually hanging out and getting to know each other. Soon Brandon recognized the computer work of WrightTrigger, aka Evan. Brandon, head of security for sHarmony, intrigued by Wright Trigger makes it his mission to meet the human. Evan has had no luck in shifter/human dating, so when he received a date summons he held little optimism that the date would pan out.

From the moment that Evan and Brandon met, fireworks ignited and the two men became captivated by each other. They were witty and carefree, and traversed relationship woes with dignity. Ms. Downs has created a matchmaking service that gave hope to shifters and humans as they attempted to mate in a world where bigotry ran amok.

Evan was sweet and nurturing and Brandon had a loving heart that held no bounds when it came to his mate. Logan and Jude made and appearance as well as Orion. Yes! Orion has a mate and can’t wait for his book.

Ms. Downs delivered witty dialogue, sexy men and deliciously hot sex. A must read.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four  handcuff review

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