Friday, November 15, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Prince of Silk & Thorns by Cherry Dare

Prince Alar is notorious... and tormented.

The prince's decadence is as famous as his extraordinary beauty. Rumor holds that he murdered his own brother to get one step closer to the throne. Some believe him to be the son of a fallen angel. But beneath his icy exterior, the prince burns with secret guilt... and untapped passion.

Farm boy Garin is innocent... and reckless.

Garin is shocked when Prince Alar rides into his village and demands that the young men strip for his inspection... so he can select one as his new slave! To protect his brother, Garin volunteers, leaving his peaceful village-- and his innocence-- behind. But even naked and chained, he is no helpless victim.

At the palace, Garin discovers a new world of decadent sex, dangerous intrigue, and devastating passion. But from the moment the arrogant prince puts a collar around Garin's throat and claims him as his own, the men are bound together in more ways than one.

From sadistic sex games to tender caretaking, from erotic awakenings to a deadly gladiatorial match, their journey together pushes both men to their physical and emotional limits... and beyond.

A novel of the passion that consumes, the love that sustains, and the ties that bind.

This erotic romance is intended for mature readers. It contains graphic scenes of gay sex and gay BDSM.

"Prince of Silk and Thorns" was originally published in serialized form under the title of "The Prince's Defiant Slave." It contains the complete text of the series, but has been corrected and revised, and some new scenes have been added.

Ms. Dare's book Prince of Silk and Thorns was a truly remarkable read. Set in a time of castle and court; intriguing. This was the story of a prince and his slave. I know most will think this a tale of sorrow and slave finding his freedom, but you would be wrong on that part. This was a tale of two men trapped in a life not of their choosing and finding love, acceptance and their freedom together.

Prince Alar was the cruel ruler of the kingdom or was he? Garin was the farm boy who simply accepted his fated life in the small farm village.

This book was complex, full twist and turns that kept you on edge waiting to find out what happened next. You could feel the change in the characters as the book progressed and you found yourself hoping for a happy ending for Alar and Garin.

Prince of Silk and Thorns was full of emotion and depth pulling into the lives of those in the pages. I found myself wanting to keep reading until the end. It reminds you of a good adventure with a little mystery thrown in for good measure. The sex was hot and well place and the passion of the main characters undeniable. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an enjoyable read.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four and a half handcuff review

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