Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek33

7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 long as it's sexy. 
What is sexy to you? 
This weeks sexy ~ Marik Jette and Reggie Satterfield are having a conversation by the pool concerning Marik's job interview. Reggie is a complete jerk, a homophobe, who has no idea Marik is gay. Read on and see what happens.

Enjoy the excerpt from Yesterday's Secrets (Unedited). 
A new venture with author Dakota Trace.
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“So, I hear from my dad that you're interviewing for the assistant manager position. Not that I want to discourage you, but bro, you realize this is a gay friendly resort?” Marik plastered his best fake smile on as the man reached across his lap and plucked a few chips from the plate, tossing them in his mouth. 
“Yeah Reg, I know. I've got no problem with it.” What a prick.
“Come on, I don't have the stomach for these...” Marik cut him off before he could say the word that he knew would spew from his mouth. 
“Reggie, that's a law suit waiting to happen if you take the next step and say the word, especially since your dad owns the place. What does it matter who the resort caters to? Your dad's a business man first, so the almighty dollar has to come first.” 
“Yeah, yeah, now you sound like my dad. He wants me more involved in the business, a hands on approach. The old bastard is not real happy with me right now. I just don't know if I have the stomach to handle all this man on man action. Who wants dick when they could have pussy? I'll never get it.” 
“I guess I can understand what you're saying, but who are you or even I, to judge anyone?” 
“You're right man,” he winked before proceeding, “got to be politically correct now-a-days. Sure don't want a discrimination lawsuit at our door step. Everyone is sue happy. You want me to talk to my dad about your interview? I can put in a good word for you.” 
“Yeah sure, if that’s what you want to do, but do me a favor and don't put words in my mouth about man on man action. I'd rather not go there.” He was going to add more to the conversation before it went completely south, but something else caught his attention.
A loud shrill caught his attention and out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the very naked man hugging someone while giving air kisses. Keegan. His man. Okay, not his man yet, but if he played his cards right, he would be very soon. Of course, he needed to convince the skittish Creole of this. He wondered why the Latino was hugging him as if he was his long time best friend. 
“Mi amigo,” he heard the man say in a heavy Latin accent. “This is my Andre, el amor de mi vida. 
Trying not to stare and bring attention to himself, Marik turned back to face Reggie. Too late. 
“Hey,” Reggie's look followed Marik's to the shrieker, then back. “Isn’t that....” 
“Keegan Gautier.” Marik hoped the tone and inflection of his voice did not give him away. 


  1. Oh, a lot of build up there! And what an uncomfortable situation for Marik... Great excerpt! :)

  2. Love the improvements you did to theis snippet.