Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens Hop

Dakota Trace and I are co-authoring a sexy M/M, Yesterday's Secrets.....enjoy this sexy (unedited) excerpt and click on the above link to visit all participating authors.

Marik was stunned. When he saw Keegan sitting with the two men, chatting and eating, his blood began to simmer like a witch’s cauldron bubbling a potion, just remembering the encounter they had shared earlier. But, he was sitting with Reggie Satterfield, homophobe and douche all rolled in one. Attempting to deflect Reggie’s attention proved to be in vain as the sexy band geek walked not five feet in front of their path. Keegan was more stunning than ever and ramped Marik’s libido so quick that he felt his cock hardening in his pants.

"Oh fuck", Marik muttered more to himself as he noticed Keegan approaching them. And he looked pissed. Pissed, upset and hurt, if the words he spewed at both him and Reggie were anything to go by. Marik glanced at Reggie, mouth agape, brows drawn together into an incredulous look that spoke of confusion and revulsion. At a crossroads, he needed to make a decision. A decision that could alter not only his job potential but the potentiality of establishing a relationship with the one man he has fantasized about for years. Deciding to take what he hoped was the upper hand, Marik made the quick decision to go after Keegan.


  1. Good decision, Marik! You don't want to work with/for someone like that anyway. :)

    Nice snippet, Evelise!

  2. I soooo want to read the rest of this chapter. *taps fingers* I know...patience Dakota be patient. *smirks* If I don't see it soon, I'll be sending Livvy after you. :P

  3. A job is just a job and men are a lot more interesting. :) Follow the man!

  4. Cool - I got a little more with this snippet *wink*

  5. Hmmm looks like Marik has made his choice. Makes me wonder however, will Keegan be open to his advances? Methinks time will tell.