Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens

Welcome to another new week of Seductive Studs & Sirens, a weekly bloghop for authors and bloggers of LGBT fiction.

A small unedited snippet from a WIP, The Legend of the Diamond Globe~ Cheveyo, Eri and Adolfo are partners in life and profession. Their current mission sends them to Israel where eventually they will meet the sexy Palestinian, Fahad. 

Meet Cheveyo Cloud
Sexy Native American Mercenary-Computer Whiz

Eri watched as Cheveyo spied the desk and claimed a spot for his lap top. He watched the graceful Native American pull out his wares and connect to the hotels Internet. It always amazed him the speed at which Chev’s hand flew on the keyboard as he typed in codes to mask the IP routes he would take to check their business email. Elemental Inc. negotiated contracts through various governments and referrals. Every potential client, governmental types included, were checked and double checked before a contract was taken. They had not survived this long in the business by being sloppy.

“I think that I’m going to hit the shower, since Chev will be lost in emails for a while. Adolfo, you want to join me?” Eri asked as he finished unpacking his belongings and placed them in the dresser. “You know how he is when he’s setting up.”                        

“Go, go,” Cheveyo made a swooping gesture with his hand towards the bathroom. “I need to make sure the routes are secure before I start checking anything else. Have fun without me.” He smiled. “Just not too much fun.”


  1. OMG I'm hooked already! Gorgeous native american, their jobs being a little bit shady perhaps? YUM!

  2. Elemental Inc., huh? Sounds intriguing! I hope we'll get more from this one next week.

  3. Me too. Don't make me come find you, chica - cause you know I will!

  4. oh way hot! I can't wait until you finish this one. I love Chev's parting shot- not too much fun :D