Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek38 #MySexySaturday

This week is all about sharing those life altering experiences because let’s face it, if it weren’t earth-shattering, we wouldn’t keep reading. Every reader is different and therefore we write love scenes for every genre. Please share those scenes with us this week. From the first hot kiss, to the fulfillment of a dream, show us the wonders of making love to our significant other.
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My Sexy Saturday

7 words. 7 lines, 7 paragraphs

Unedited excerpt from Yesterday's Secret~ The slow build up....Keegan and Marik have decided to take the first step in their delicate relationship.

“I’m good. I told Chloe what happened. She thinks that I need to take a chance and see what happens.” Marik felt Keegan’s arms wrap around his waist, his forehead rubbing along his chest. He didn’t think that Keegan realized he was even making the motions.

“And do you want to take a chance? A chance that maybe we have something there?”

A small and muffled whisper, yes, was heard.

“Come, let’s eat.”

“Can we get comfortable? Maybe eat in bed?” He asked with trepidation in his voice as he lifted his head and looked at Marik.

“How about we do this? We eat at the table, talk. Then shower and get cleaned up, separately and then we relax on the bed. Hold each other, kiss, talk-and we see what happens from there. Okay?”

Nodding, Keegan allowed himself to be led to the couch by Marik’s guiding hand and sat down. Marik retrieved the platter and water and handed Keegan a burger. He watched as the man chewed his food. Small nibbles, a sensual display, the art of eroticism simply from chewing a burger. He pictured those rosy red lips wrapped around his prick, sucking, laving. A small moan escaped his mouth, Keegan lifting an eye brow at the sound.


  1. Wow, Marik is super sweet. I'm sure that makes things much easier for Keegan. :)

  2. Fun. It's a wonder these guys don't ignite from their own heat. Slow Burn City.

  3. I love this excerpt with the cheeseburger - so cute and sweet.

  4. I'll agree PJ....their coming together is going to be a slow sensual burn. YUM! (But then again I may be partial. LOL