Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Sexy Saturday MSSWeek#39 MySexySaturday

Welcome to the 39th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week we’re talking about bump n sexy. It’s all about the hard and fast sex that our characters decide they need. You know what we’re talking about…the hard and fast grind against a wall, on a counter or maybe even on a piano. There is nothing like those scenes that tell you the hero and heroine just can’t get enough of each other. Is it so rough and fast there’s little time to declare their feelings? At that moment, does it even matter how they feel?

Of course, it matters how they feel. We also need to know that these two are going to be together…at least for now but hopefully forever because we are romantics. We believe in the fact that there are couples who manage to make it a lifetime loving each other. But sometimes it is all about the hard and fast aspect of love and making love.

7 Words, 7 Lines, 7 Paragraphs
Seven sexy paragraphs from my upcoming release~ Tropical Paradise (unedited)

“Grab yourself Sky.” With that Leo observed the most beautiful sight ever. Skyler grabbed his dick in his hand and stroked himself to the rhythm of Leo’s pounding. Leo’s strength rocked them both up the bed almost hitting their heads on the headboard. He held onto Sky’s hips, sure to leave bruises on the man’s creamy white skin.

“Almost there, come on Sky you need to come first babe.” Sky’s dick leaked like a sieve and Leo wanted to lap the head but opted to raise Sky’s ass even higher changing the angle and sending the man over the edge.

Leo saw the expression on Sky’s face change from intense to nirvana as the man tugged three more times on his cock and came like a geyser. His passage clamped down on Leo’s dick like a vise giving him the friction he needed to complete as well. Leo felt the tingle from the base of his spine and the churning in his balls as they drew up into his body. With that he came filling the condom. His body tensed above Sky and he shook from the force of the orgasm.

They laughed. Not really a nervous laugh but maybe a cautious laugh. Leo spoke first, “That was holy hell. Intense.” Looking down at Sky’s body he chortled,  “ we’re a mess.”

Laughing Sky nodded as Leo gently placed his legs on the bed. “Yeah I think we need a shower or maybe a dip in the ocean. But first I need to get my sea legs back.”

Kissing his lips one last time, Leo slid out of Sky shivering and walked wobbly to the wash room to discard the condom.

“I vote for the ocean and then food, amor.” The term of endearment that he would never take for granted again. He loved Skyler and the man would always be the love of his life. “Then after that.” Leo let his voice trail off as he smiled and wiggled his brows. Leo was in heaven.


  1. Great excerpt Evelise, I need to check into this one. When's it coming out?

  2. Thank you Ladies! Doing edits as we speak for an April release....

  3. I think I felt that whole scene as I was reading it! Holy hotness batman!

    - Bonnie