Tuesday, March 18, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Justice Healed by Olivia Jaymes

You can’t go home again, but if you do, pretend you want to be there. 

Dr. Madison Shay has left Chicago and moved back to her small town roots to take over her father’s medical practice. She’s not the skinny, gawky red haired, four-eyed girl any longer but it sure feels that way. She still remembers the painful teasing from her classmates and always feeling like she didn’t belong. She wants this time to be different but deep down she knows she’ll never be part of the cool crowd. 

Sheriff Tanner Marks might have been the captain of the football team years ago but things aren’t as rosy now. He has a son who hates him, and an ex-wife who is about to marry a man Tanner thinks might be a criminal. He doesn’t really have time in his life for a woman. Considering the things he’s done in his past, he’s not sure he deserves one either. He can’t help but feel envious of his friend, Seth Reilly, though. He found the love of a good woman. Is it too much to ask that fate send him someone as well? 

Madison and Tanner aren’t looking for love but it feels like the town has other plans. They keep finding themselves thrown together and it’s not unpleasant in the least. In fact, they’re starting to enjoy themselves. There just might be a future for them after all. 

When a drug war between two cartels breaks out, their little town is caught in the crossfire. Tanner will call in every favor he can, from the five cowboy cops he trusts most in the world, to keep his town and the woman he loves safe. He’s going to show the bad guys what cowboy justice really means. 

Publisher’s warning: This book contains hot sex scenes between a sexy small town sheriff and his very lucky woman, including action in the shower, on the kitchen table, and in front of a roaring fire. 
Ms. Jaymes's book Justice Healed (Cowboy Justice Association) was set in the small town of Springwood Montana. The quaint small town was a great backdrop to the book.

Sheriff Tanner Marks is a lawman with some trouble in his town and his personal life. He and his fellow sheriff's meet to discuss the drug problem going through their small towns and the vigilante that is going around killing as well. Tanner's son Chris is out of control and his ex, Abby is dating again. A woman blows into town who takes his breath away- will his past get in the way of a life of love and happiness?

Dr. Madison Shay has moved back to town to take over her fathers practice. She is a woman with doubts about how to deal with men. Her best friend Sherry decides she needs a man before she marries so Madison can be as happy as her.  The plan is set in motion as the town pitches in to help get the couple together.

Madison and Tanner are great characters, you feel as if you know them and the others in the book as well.  The sex scenes are a hook as Madison and Tanner feel things they never felt previously. Ms. Jaymes makes you feel a part of the town, a place any of us could reside. I must say I have really enjoyed the series and look forward to the next book. What more could you ask for?  Hot sexy lawmen with a cowboy flair and smart sexy woman.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four and a half handcuff review

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