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S.E.X. Review~ Mikaela's Debut ~ Sky Michaels

Greenwich, Connecticut’s golden couple, Dillon Cavanaugh and Mikaela Sexton, are staying at the Black Dahlia Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the wedding of Jack Dalton Brown and Kaylin Gallagher. The luxurious hotel has a confidentiality guaranteed BDSM club on the top floor. At breakfast, Mikaela receives a text directing her to a YouTube video that shows what appears to be her naked butt starring in a sex tape. The sender of the text threatens to post another video showing her face if she doesn’t pay up.

Handsome attorney and Congressional candidate, Dillon Cavanaugh, cannot afford a sex scandal involving his well-known girlfriend, but he is not willing to abandon the love of his life just to win an election. When the blackmailer threatens to post the second video unless she pays $5,000,000, Mikaela decides to go underground until the blackmailer can be unearthed, to the dismay of her sexy Dom boyfriend.

Can they salvage Dillon’s election, their relationship, and retrieve the damaging video before it hits YouTube?

Mikaela’s Debut, The Black Dahlia Hotel #1 was a sensual escapade of mystery, intrigue and devotion. Power couple Mikaela and Dillon are on an excursion, attending the wedding of close friends. While in attendance, Mikaela received a text informing her of an uploaded video, about to be released of her in compromising positions, if she doesn’t pay up. No desire to give into the demands of the extortionist, Mikki and Dillon begin the trek to uncover the perpetrator with the help of friends.

Soon, shock and dismay lead to the discovery of the blackmailer, dampening Mikki’s spirits, forcing her to realize that together she and Dillon are stronger than separate.

Skye Michaels delivered an amorous tale that drew on the emotions of the main characters and gave credence to realism. The back drop of the rich and famous was well-constructed, sans being over the top.

The elements of BDSM added subtle nuances into the lives of Mikki and Dillon, as well as the circles in which they traveled. Additionally, the underlying BDSM theme was not the central focal point of the story, but more laid a foundation for the personalities of the main characters. Under no circumstances was Mikaela a wall flower, allowing her man to dictate her life. She was though, a strong woman, with submissive tendencies, which merged with Dillon’s dominance.

Ms. Michaels’ aptly portrayed strength and security for both dominant and submissive.

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