Friday, November 7, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Vaughn's Awakening by Skye Michaels

Vaughn Rawlston, Savannah Preparatory science teacher, catches the daughters of Dom Jeremiah Wade cheating and turns them in. Trouble ensues and follows her from Savannah to the new, discreet, luxurious BDSM Black Dahlia Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach for Christmas vacation.
Vaughn signs up for sub classes and meets handsome, wealthy Savannah restaurateur and Master Dom, Paul Proffit, who has had his eye on the newbie sub for a while. He is captivated by her curvy body, sharp mind, and sense of humor, and is determined to introduce her to the pleasures to be found in the dungeon. Paul isn’t the only Dom with his eye on Vaughn. Jeremiah Wade is determined to force Vaughn to drop the cheating charges against his daughters in one way or another and develops a dangerous obsession with her. Can Paul save Vaughn and convince her she doesn’t want to run away from him as well as the ugly, dangerous results of Wade’s obsession?

Vaughn’s Awakening was a lovely tale of sexual exploration and gratification. Vaughn was by no means sexually repressed, but a few extra pounds in the posterior and height that many men would be intimidated by, had wreaked havoc on her psyche. Talked into fun in the sun at the Black Dahlia Hotel and their exclusive BDSM club, Vaughn and her best girlfriends look for no strings attached D/s satisfaction.

Prior to leaving Savannah, Georgia and the school in which she taught, Vaughn had an issue with the daughters of Dom Jeremiah Wade. Caught cheating, the girls have the potential to be expelled, much to their father’s dismay.

Running in the same BDSM circles, Wade stalks Vaughn in an attempt to persuade her to recant her story of the cheating. Good thing Master Paul had a thing for Vaughn and decided she was his one.

Skye Michaels, once again regaled us with a smartly written BDSM book without being hard-core or over the top. A vibrant streak of sensuality and entertainment graced the pages as the story unfolded, taking the reader into the mind of the characters. Laced with humor, friendship and camaraderie, Vaughn’s awakening was all the better because of the close knit community the friends presented.

Ms. Michaels took an ordinarily beautiful woman, well-endowed and sans a runway model physique, and breathed life into her-allowing her to accept her true self both physically and psychologically.

Paul was an alpha male, a Dom. His characterization endeared me to his personality, as Ms. Michaels delivered a southern charm, a gentle hand, and an unselfish lover.

Once again Skye Michaels delivered stimulating relationships and hot sex.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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  1. Thanks, Evelise, for the lovely review! Your kind words are greatly appreciated. I hope everyone will give The Black Dahlia Hotel series a try. - Skye