Tuesday, January 6, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Blood Bond~ Peyton Brittany Clarke

Time is running out for CIA Agent Colton McClain. Caught between two worlds, he must choose—his Ferae side or human; he can’t have both. Haunted by his own failures and his family's past, Colton refuses to follow their same path. His wife Lizzie and his husband Jarrod are caught in the middle. Threatened by the townspeople for having a marriage with two alpha males instead of the traditional alpha and beta, the clock is ticking on how long they can live together as a family. Add on the fact that one of them gets the Rut because of their unconventional relationship, all bets are off that they will maintain the happiness they so desire. But their love is strong; still, can it defeat Colton’s fears? He is the key. Now he must act.

Colton, half human-half ferae and CIA operative was in a loving yet unconventional marriage. As an alpha, he should be married to a beta and a dam. Instead, Colton was with another alpha and their dam~ something which caused turmoil in his personal life.

Jarrod, also an alpha but with a beta genetic predisposition was at a crossroads in his relationship with Colton and Lizzie. One thing was certain though, his love for his spouses never wavered although the three have not fully mated by completing the blood bond.

Welcome to Peyton Brittany Clarke’s new book Blood Bond, The Ferae series. Ms. Clarke delivered sci-fi shifter meets contemporary romance as Blood Bond told a sensual story based on deep-rooted tradition and ancient edicts~ a struggle to adhere to in a world where modernization interfered.

When I first began to read the book, I must be honest and say that I had to pay careful attention to the cast of characters and not get them mixed up or confuse the story. A lot was thrown at us in the first chapter. But, wow! did this story pay off. Ms. Clarke led me on a roller coaster ride of love and intrigue. This book delivered raw emotion as Colton and Jarrod ruminated over their relationship, keeping the professional aspects of their lives away from the personal, in a world of shifter secrecy. The CIA had nothing on Ms. Clarke’s fantasy world~ oh wait, the CIA was involved.

All three main characters were strong-minded while maintaining a loving nurturing side that spoke volumes and was a testament to Ms. Clarke’s style of writing. Characterization personified the author’s wit and her ability to draw the reader in. I became enmeshed in their lives and craved an HEA.

Blood Bond was a wonderful start to Peyton Brittany Clarke’s new series. She gave me just enough to wet my appetite, left me hanging at the end to come back for more, and still satisfied my craving for an HEA.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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