Wednesday, April 29, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ A Taboo Romance with a Billionaire~ Stephanie Brother

They long for each other. Need each other.
But even though they share the same home, they can never be together in the way they crave for.
For years, Amelia and Mac have kept their feelings for each other a close guarded secret. Playing it cool.
Only to learn that you can deny your feelings only for so long when what at first seems like an unfortunate event turns into the opportunity of a lifetime.
Well, for a heroine who isn't afraid to decide enough is enough, that is.
Scared. Excited. Amelia is determined to get through to the man she loves. The one who has succeeded in avoiding her for years, but who now finds himself delivered right into her hands.
One nurse, Florence Nightingale he calls her, and a billionaire who threatens to get away.
The clock is ticking.  It is now or never.

The final part of Amelia's quest to break through the armor of the man she loves, Mac. 

Upon her return home, Amelia is determined to escalate things. Gathering up all her courage, she presents herself in a way that confronts her billionaire with a simple choice: accept her love unconditionally or cling to the moral code that tells him what they want is forbidden, never meant to be. 

Heartbroken, Amelia flees when she sees the rejection in Mac's eyes, only to be surprised by what follows. 

A Taboo Romance With a Billionaire by Stephanie Brother was forbidden lust between step-siblings, a slight age difference, yet apparently two people who had secretly pined for each other for numerous years. Mac and Amelia tiptoed around each other until an accident left Mac at Amelia’s mercy and in her capable hands, where both their fantasies came true.

I wanted very much to like Stephanie Brother’s A Taboo  Romance
With a Billionaire but sadly the numerous editing errors took away from the experience. Grammatical errors, misspelled words and telling not showing left my head spinning. I had to reread parts more than once in order to understand the premise of the paragraph. Additionally, I know the book was an erotic fantasy, but the constant dripping of the main character’s pu..y should have left her dehydrated from all the fluid loss.

Two short reads which did not do it for this reader.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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