Wednesday, May 20, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Chased by the Dragons by Eva Wilder

Alice is a curvy college student who is on a school trip to the Galapagos. She's snorkeling in Floreana one day when she nearly drowns.

She wakes up in a strange place and meets two irresistible dragon shifters. They offer her a place where she belongs. Will she choose her old life or her new one?

Note: This story contains a lot of steam. If you don't enjoy steamy romance, you may want to skip this. However, if you like two dragon mates who can't get enough of their curvy woman, this is for you.

Chased by the Dragons by Eva Wilder was a short read with an interesting perspective. When I first saw the book contained dragon shifters I was intrigued and ready to be amazed and taken to an unknown or little known world. Unfortunately the book did not hit the mark.

The author’s quick telling pushed the circumstances of the heroine’s introduction to the dragon shifters and her new, unchosen life at lightning speed―making the storyline seem transparent and unbelievable. Yes, I know this is a shifter story and fantasy plays a motivational factor, but the occurrences circumnavigating the paranormal were not realistic. Alice’s rapid acceptance of mating and being a broodmare for two dragons, the fact that she experienced the most intense sex she’d ever had when she was a virgin―did not fit the story.

Chased by the Dragons ―a quick tale with the start of a good premise that unfortunately fell flat.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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