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S.E.X. Spotlight~ A Week of Adventure with Skye Michaels' Golden Dolphin series

I want to thank Evelise for choosing to highlight the Golden Dolphin Series just in time for Vacation Season!  Wow.  Is everyone ready to take a trip aboard a gorgeous 300-foot private yacht?  I’ve drooled (lovely visual y’all) over those boating magazines and wished I could sail off on one of the great super yachts, so I decided we could all go along for the trip.  I have a friend whose husband is a captain, and he has been very helpful to me in getting the details rightlike where a boat the size of the Golden Dolphin (that’s the length of a football field) can physically go, what happens to a big boat caught out in the Atlantic during a hurricane, and how long it takes to get for here to there, etc.

Jamie Devereau, one of my all-time favorite heroes (from Anne’s Courage, Book 3 of the Le Club Series), got a deal he couldn’t refuse and bought the beautiful, 300-foot, 5-deck super yacht that has accommodations for 32 guests in 15 super luxurious suites and 26 crew members.  Sounds unbelievable right?  Well, if you want to see the real boat, google Attessa IV for a tour.   This is one of the websites: 

 I’ve stuck pretty closely to the real deal with a few exceptions.  The real boat doesn’t have a BDSM dungeon!  LOL.  But it does have the Chihuly chandelier and the Botero sculpture, helicopter and two tenders.

I loved writing this series not only for the fabulous heroes (I fell in love with each one) and beautiful heroines (who are not all perfect but could be our girlfriends), but for the wonderful locations.  We have gone everywhere from Rio De Janeiro and the Amazon River to Alaska and many wonderful fun places in between.  The final book of the series, Casey’s Last Chance, Book 7, tells the story of the gorgeous Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis and beautiful purser, Casey Campbell whose story weaves through the other books.  Each book is stand-alone, but it’s fun to know everyone’s story.  While I have not personally been to each location, I’ve been to many, and I hope you all feel like you’ve been on a wonderful trip as well.

Fear not, the Golden Dolphin will continue to make occasional appearances in The Black Dahlia Hotel Series (M/f) and The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Series (M/m).  I can’t bear to say goodbye to that wonderful boat or her fabulous crew!  Bon Voyage!  Have a wonderful trip.

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When the Devereau brothers, members of the BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala, buy a super yacht named the Golden Dolphin for the purpose of around-the-world BDSM cruises, they hire the Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis, and Alexander Dragados as chief mate.  The Golden Dolphin BDSM club is to be run by Gregory Dempsey and Natasha Romanova from LeClub Beaudelaire–New Orleans.

Billionaire businessman, Drew Blessingame, has a less than pleasant personality in his dealings with his office staff.  After having recently broken his engagement with socialite, Eugenia Cartwright, he decides not to cancel his cruise aboard the luxurious three-hundred foot super yacht.  Drew takes one of his executive assistants, Ivorie James, with him on the cruise.  Ivorie would rather go to the dentist than spend three weeks on a ship with Drew Blessingame.  But a miracle happens.  Drew becomes human, and Ivorie becomes smitten.  When Drew’s ex-fiancé, Eugenia, realizes she made a huge tactical error in letting Drew get away, she decides to get him back at any cost – even if that means getting rid of Ivorie.  Can Ivorie survive Eugenia’s machinations, and can Drew overcome his doubts about his lack of good judgment and make a commitment to Ivorie before it’s too late?


Drew gazed into her eyes. They looked a bit heavy. She couldn’t be sleepy. If she said she was tired and wanted to call it a night, he thought he might cry like a baby. He took the wine glass from her hand, put it on the table next to his brandy snifter, and gently pulled her into his arms. And then, no longer gentle, he crushed his mouth down on her ripe, red lips in a hard kiss. He coaxed her lips open to accept his tongue as their mouths melded. He ran his hands down her back and, cupping her round bottom, pulled her tight against his hard shaft. She whimpered and burrowed into his chest as he savaged her delicate lips. His tongue plunged into her mouth, and she opened to him. He groaned in relief. She wanted this as much as he did. Drew continued to feast on her mouth as he skimmed his hand over the swell of her breasts. He slipped his fingers into the lacy bra cupping her high, round breasts and skimmed them over the pebbled raspberry tips. She shivered.

“I want to make love to you, Ivorie. If you don’t want to you’d better leave right now. If you stay much longer I don’t know if I will be able to stop.”

* * * *

Ivorie looked into his smoldering hazel eyes and unbuttoned his shirt. The deep timbre of his voice sent a rush of excitement skittering up her spine. She didn’t fully understand it, but she knew she wanted this with every fiber of her being. After all, two days ago she couldn’t stand the sight of him. Well, that was then, and this is now! She ran her hands down his chest. His skin was like silk over steel, smooth and hairless. Her fingers paused to learn each ridge and valley of his washboard abs.

Ivorie smiled in anticipation as she pushed the shirt off his broad shoulders, and her fingers moved down to unbutton his waistband. She pushed his slacks down his muscular thighs and was surprised to see he had gone commando. She gulped in a breath. His shaft was at full attention, steel-hard, and more than ready. He was even more beautiful than she had imagined. He stepped out of the slacks and kicked off his alligator moccasins.

“Slow down, girl. Let me have a turn.” He reached into the drawer of the table for a condom and made quick work of suiting up.

“I don’t want to go slow, Drew.” She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. He lifted her dress over her head, and she was left standing in high heels and a silky blue-lace teddy that she knew was beautiful. She had spent more on it and the cami dress than she should have, but the look in his eyes at that moment made it worth every outrageous penny. “Make love to me.”

He picked her up in his arms and headed toward the bedroom. Ivorie tightened her arms around his neck as he leaned down to push the multitude of plush throw pillows off the king-size bed and put her gently down. She kicked her shoes off and smiled up at him as she pulled him down next to her. She thought her behavior might be just a bit brazen, and that wasn’t like her at all, but she couldn’t help herself. Apparently she had harbored some feelings for Drew Blessingame that even she wasn’t aware of—and they hadn’t all been hostile.

* * * *

Drew flipped the snaps between her thighs open and pushed the blue silk out of the way. Then he pulled the teddy off over her head, leaving her naked. He ran his fingers over her smooth mound and found the little bundle of nerves at the apex. He pushed the hood back and skimmed his fingers lightly over her clit, and she gasped and arched her back in response. He continued the sweet torture with his mouth, nibbling and sucking, until he thought she might be getting close. He backed off and turned his attentions to her pulsing, slick center. He dipped two fingers into her pussy to test her readiness. Her body was hot and trembling with want. He kissed her hard and deep, letting her taste herself on his tongue. He didn’t think he could wait another minute.

She pushed him over and straddled his middle, brushing her hot center over his pulsing erection. Her long silky hair brushed over his chest as she rubbed against him until he didn’t think he could stand another minute of the exquisite torture. Finally, when he thought he would explode, she lowered herself onto his hard cock, leaned forward on her forearms, and began to stroke him, slow and easy. She raised and lowered her body, pleasuring herself on his hard cock while he watched the emotions cross her beautiful face. She was the picture of erotic bliss. When he could stand the slow pace no longer, he quickly rolled her over and took command of the situation. He restrained her wrists above her head with one hand and supported himself with the other. When she didn’t evidence any fear of the pseudo-bondage, he began to stroke her harder and faster until his orgasm roared through him like a freight train, and his seed slammed into the condom. The sounds in his head seemed just as loud as a freight train. He slowed to let the residual waves of the orgasm pulse through his body, and then he began to stroke her slow and easy again in the age-old rhythm of love. He increased the pace as he watched her follow him over into her own stunning orgasm. He collapsed on her chest and just laid there satisfied and exhausted. He knew he was probably too heavy to stay on top of her for long, but at the moment he was unwilling and unable to move.

When he had gotten his breath back he said, “That was truly extraordinary, Ms. James.”

She sighed. “It certainly was, Mr. Blessingame.”

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Book 1 in Skye Michaels the Golden Dolphin series was sensual and erotic. Fast-paced, Ivorie's Surprise delivered romance and intrigue set along the backdrop of the Amazon.

Ivorie and Drew were wonderfully written characters and Ms. Michaels captured their essence while giving the readers a sexually charged tale. Ivorie's introduction into the world of BDSM was well written with careful guidance from Drew through Ms. Michaels' pen.

The scenic travels of the Amazon brought realism to the forefront and the author created a world any traveler would desire to embark. 

No spoilers but Ivorie's surprise is more than a sexy man with a little kink thrown in. Read Ivorie's Surprise and find your sexy adventure is just one turn-page away.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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