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Sunday's S.E.X.y~ Jessie Colt

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Thank you Jessie for baring your heart and soul, giving our readers a glimpse into Life After Divorce...

I guess the question is where do I start. Let me start about a year before the end of my marriage. It was a hard time in my life. I was starting to get into writing and making friends with others who shared my love of the written word. My husband became consumed with what I was doing and always wanting to know where I was at. I know that doesn't sound all that bad now does it. Thing is he was critical of everything I did, to the point of telling how things should be done even though he really didn't know much about it. He hated my writing especially when my first book was published. Before I go any farther let me say I know there is more than my side of this and I don't blame or have hurt feelings toward my ex-husband for any of it.

To be really honest we were having troubles for a long time. I was laying in bed on night and it just kind of hit me. We were not happy together any more. I could not take knowing that I was making a man I had known for most of my life that unhappy. I told him that night I thought we should not be together any longer. He didn't take it well but we talked and then talked more over the next few days.

I have to say he moved on from me rather quickly, finding a new woman to take my place. I was shocked that I could be replaced so easily but I tried to be happy for him. We lived in the same home for a while keeping separate rooms. I guess the thing that really and truly ended things for me was when I was away on a planned trip and I came home to pictures of the new woman in my home. I was hurt by the lack of respect and I had not gone in search of a new partner.

This was never about me finding a new person in my life and I didn't have one. I never even tried to date until after our divorce was final.  I was left to find my way alone, don't get me wrong I had great friends though this whole event in my life. I didn't want to burden them with all my doubts and sadness. Though I am sure I did at times.

It has been almost two years now and I feel stronger than ever. I have slowly made a life for myself. Don't get me wrong I still have my moments of doubts but I have a great group of friends to lean on and they keep me grounded. My kids have been a huge help as well, just standing with me as they always have. I have been blessed by those who I call friend and my family as well.  

I wanted to give you a small bit of what happened to lead up to where I am now. I know this will help me heal even more as I write the words coming from my heart. Maybe just maybe this will help someone else out there to see there is hope for a life after divorce that still has real meaning and you not a failure because your marriage didn't work out.  I know today that many people go through divorce and handle it just fine but I was one of those that never even considered mine would not last forever.

I will be writing more in the weeks to come on different things I have gone though over the last years being single again. Let’s just say I was so out of my element in many ways with dating and stuff. I want to tell you about the wonderful friends I have as well and would welcome anyone wanting to share their thoughts as well. I look forward to telling you about my best friend Edgar. He and Evelise have been my saving grace though everything.

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