Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday's S.E.X.y~ Jessie Colt

 As I think I mention before, if home is where the heart is what do you do when it gets broken?  In my case I was numb for a while. I walked around not quite sure what to do and if I even wanted to try. I had my family around me and good friends but I still wouldn't let anyone in to really help me. I was drifting through life trying to keep up appearances so people wouldn't feel sorry for me. I know in my heart that I had made the right choice but it still hurt on a level that I could not express or explain to anyone.

I felt as if I had let people down, that I had failed in life. How do you forgive yourself for that?  Slowly I went about the job of rebuilding my life. I got a job.  My job is basic and meets my needs to pay bills and live. I really like that it keeps me busy and in the beginning that was a very good thing for me. I was out in the world once more interacting with people. I won't bore you with all the petty details that go on in a divorce because that is not the point behind me writing this. My youngest son was my hero and he still is. He kept me going and showed me that I still had value every day. I am truly blessed. Evelise talked me though things and listened to me whine a lot I must say but she never let me keep it up for long. She really kept me moving forward even when I didn't really want to. As to Edgar he was living with a girlfriend at the time but still would make me get out and meet people.

So with all of these wonderful people behind me I made it through the first few months to a place where I started to feel like I could be happy once more. I worked though most of the feeling swamping me, making me doubt my own worth in this world. Don't get me wrong I still have days like that but they are far and few between now. I know we all face feelings like this even when not going through such events in our lives but it seems so much easier when you know there is someone just for you to help you get through it.

I still miss knowing there is someone just for me, to hold me close at night, just to feel the comfort of someone who loves you like that. Let’s just say that the heavens above for Edgar, he gives me hugs every time I see him. He lets me know that he cares and is there for me. Edgar is my best friend in this world and I love him very much for that. I will tell you lots more of him later on but back to the question I ask at the beginning, what do you do when you heart is broken? The simple answer is just to live but the real answer in my mind is to rediscover yourself. Find that part of you that is hidden away and bring it into the light once more. To find your passion in life and never let it go again. Then slowly you heart mends and you make your home whole once more. It doesn't happen overnight, hell it may take months to get to the beginning point of that but it will happen.

I guess the real point of me writing this to help me in finishing my healing and to hopefully show others you can do this you’re not alone in the way you feel. I knew others went through divorce but you still feel alone when it is all said and done. I lost a big part of my life but I still have one to live. I still have lots to learn and see but I am getting there. I have to say it was worth the journey to find, I got so much to look forward to now and a best friend that is always there to help me talk though things. What more could any one person want in life but that.

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