Monday, September 18, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ Longing for Shelter by Alex Jane

Seth Mason arrives at the Alphas’ Homestead under duress. The Council have made it clear that if his cousins, Caleb and Jacob, can’t tame Seth’s wild ways his very last chance will be used up and he’ll have nowhere left to go.
Seth is horrified to find that he’s going to have to spend a year living in the backwaters of Nebraska. He hates the Alphas. He hates the dirt and the horses. He hates the nearby town and everyone in it.
In fact, the only thing he doesn’t hate is Malcolm, the deputy sheriff. Unfortunately, Malcolm doesn’t seem to feel the same, especially when Seth uses his bad behavior to try to get the deputy’s attention.


Jacob feels for Seth—knowing what it’s like to lose family—but when his cousin’s bad behavior turns the town, not only against Seth but against all the werewolves at the homestead, he has to put his sympathies aside and fight to save his family and the place he’s called home for the last five years.

Sometimes the only shelter we can find from ourselves is in the hearts of others.

Longing for Shelter was a wonderful addition to Alex Jane’s The Alphas’ Homestead series. Things were not well for Seth in New York and in order to preserve his sanity and possibly even his life, the Council decided to send him to Nebraska to live with his cousins Jacob and Caleb and their family.

Life in Nebraska post-Civil War was hard and unforgiving, especially when you’re used to the finer things a city offers. Prejudice against anyone different, whether it be shifters or natives, Seth’s eyes were opened to the preconceptions of the Midwest and the realization that pack was what you made of it.

Jacob and Caleb, as always, handled each situation that came up with dignity and patience, albeit with a tad bit of growling in between.

The author wrote depth in her characterization of Seth as he transformed from a spoiled young man to someone a mate could truly be proud of. Malcolm, the deputy of Native American ancestry was a humble soul with a passion for his quiet life and Seth’s well-being. Together the men join and the Homestead became larger.

As always, the children, Ephraim, Martha, and Thaddeus, brought a tender side to the alphas with their loving care and protection. Sarah, Caleb’s sister, always a nice addition, and one in which I hope is made permanent to the Homestead…soon.

Ms. Jane’s fundamental research to capture the era was eloquently done and her efforts were duly noted. The dust, the smells, the small home occupied by the pack, bounced from the e-reader as I read page after page, transformed in the era of rebuilding and hardships.

Hints of more books to come, The Alphas’ Homestead series is a must read!

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review


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