Friday, February 2, 2018

S.E.X. Review~ Pain Play by Morticia Knight

Terry’s ready for some pain that brings him pleasure 

The deeper Terry becomes immersed in a 24/7 dynamic with Phil, the more he realizes that he’s ready for them to be full-time. There might still be plenty to learn in his D/s journey with his Master, but he’s discovered a sense of peace and fulfillment he hadn’t known was possible. 

Phil can’t wait to show his boy how exquisite erotic pain can be. 

Phil couldn’t be more thrilled when Terry confesses his desire for them to take the next step in their Master/sub relationship, and he decides to explore some of Terry’s soft limits regarding pain. Adding to his joy are the approaching holidays that include celebrating with their friends. If only he could receive an offer for a film project, Phil would get all his Christmas wishes. 

Surprises are revealed, forbidden desires are shared, and their New Year begins with a bang—which not only brings them closer to each other—but to their friends, Master Gerard and his boy Marco. 

Once again, I found myself wavering between my feelings for Terry and Phil in Morticia Knight’s newest addition to her Play series, Pain Play. First let me say that the series must be read in order to appreciate the evolution of the world Ms. Knight created and the development of the characters. Additionally, no spoilers, so I will not speak of specifics in the book.

Terry has fully committed to a TPE relationship with Phil, but I found him a tad bit childish in his speak and expectations. Phil on the other hand seemed more unsure of himself in his ability to be Terry’s master and their journey appeared forced.

As always, I enjoy Ms. Knight and her works. This author is consistent in her ability to draw me into a book with great dialogue and captivating scenes. My issue was not with the book nor the style of writing, but more with the main characters. I do not think their new-found lifestyle will be for every reader, but I insist people take a chance and read the author’s works.

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