Friday, March 23, 2018

S.E.X. Review~ Bloody But Unbowed by Ari McKay

Daryl Greer isn’t a bodyguard. He’s Hercules Security’s “odd-job” specialist, as wild and dangerous as he is competent. Fiercely independent, he resents his older brother Matthew’s view that he spends his life “playing G.I. Joe”. When he’s sent to rescue a kidnapped scientist, Dr. Emerson Winfield, from a terrorist organization, Daryl finds himself attracted to the snarky, outspoken man even though Emerson is the kind of rich, successful person Matthew claims could never be interested in a hick like Daryl.
For his part, Emerson doesn’t care about Daryl’s lack of polish; he’s more interested in the incredible chemistry between them. He sets out to prove to Daryl that they can make a relationship work despite their differences. But Daryl’s defensiveness about his career drives a wedge between them — and if he doesn’t find a way to deal with his issues, Daryl might lose Emerson forever.

Bloody But Unbowed by Ari McKay was a fast-paced tale featuring specialist and tracker, Daryl Greer from Hercules Security, sent in to rescue scientist Dr. Emerson Winfield. Instantly, the men hit it off and hot and heavy was the word of the day. Of all the couples we’ve met in the Herc’s Mercs series, I believe Daryl and Emerson were the most instantaneous couple.

Although I enjoyed the story, I would have liked a bit more storyline. I felt everything was resolved quickly, lending to a quick rescue to bed. In saying that, Daryl and Emerson were all about between the sheets. Hot and heavy, my e-reader steamed.

A nice story where opposites attract.

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