Tuesday, June 26, 2018

S.E.X. Review~ The Strength of Love by Serena Akeroyd

Forced apart by society's inability to handle the admittedly unusual relationship Gia Jefferson has with Luke Gray and Josh Henderson, she's the one left to deal with the consequences of being unorthodox. Rather than pout, she bravely decides to deal with the aftermath of her past. An aftermath that has to remain secret, even from the men she adores and trusts with her very life. Such secrets can destroy the foundations of any partnership, but one as finely tuned as their throuple is even more delicate and more susceptible to strain.

Secrets are a way of life for Gia, but they're a hard limit for a man like Josh, whose career has made him paranoid. With her mother's life on the line, Gia is left with few options, putting their relationship straight on the tipping point.

When revelations from Josh's past slither in from out of nowhere, and with Luke's appeal still up in the air, Gia's men flounder in the face of her sudden need for secrecy. Can the trio make it work or will life's curveball decimate the strength of their love?

The Strength of Love left me yearning for more. Josh, Luke, Gia, and the precocious Lexi were back for the third installment in Happily Ever Ménage: The Luck of Love by Serena Akeroyd; and boy did it not disappoint. Sent on an unintended trip to ease the melee of Luke’s military discharge appeal, Gia migrated  towards her past and a life she left behind. Pregnant and in turmoil about not being able to be with the men she loves and their daughter, Gia turned to the woman who gave birth to her, in order to find some semblance of normalcy.

Josh and Luke waded through military tribunal and came out better on the other end. Ms. Akeroyd wrote realistic characters with clarity and depth. My only drawback is the slight lack of emotional connection between Josh and Luke. Yes, they’re married to each other and in a committed relationship with Gia, but as I read, I felt Josh was emotionally distant. Josh’s characterization was not one of wine and roses, but almost bordered on rigidity.

Gia’s strongmindedness and desire to create a harmonious family was uplifting, as was Luke’s need to protect his country, loved ones, and himself. Ms. Akeroyd’s ability to make the three characters all very different yet blend together was a testament to her ability to deliver a well-written ménage.

The final installment is within my reach and I can not wait to see how Ms. Akeroyd ties it all together.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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