Friday, December 28, 2012

Breaking Cover

Breaking Cover by Sean Michael is a wonderfully erotic story steeped in BDSM and emotion.  Brian and  Griff  are policemen working  a deep undercover stint at Twisted Leather BDSM Club.  Both men, very macho with the need to be in charge, revealed Griff playing submissive to Brian’s dom.  Griff soon recognizes that the role play has now become his reality as he falls hard for the Homicide officer while session playing.

Upon completion of the assignment, both men attempt to return to some semblance of normalcy in their lives, but soon ascertain the emotional scars and bonds run wide and deep. Brian and Griff yearn for a life together; in love, lust and dom/sub. 

Sean Michael, as always, delivers a story filled with emotion. The angst radiates through the pages as Griff deals with his submissiveness and his inability to function sans Brian. The bond and dependency they formed was very convincing and real as each experienced emotional turmoil after separation.  The relationship is not unhealthy as they strove for mutual satisfaction, both in their respective roles.

The sex is hot and sizzling as the reader is treated to lust, love and kinky sex. As an author, Sean Michael pushes the limits of BDSM without being raunchy or distasteful.  A recommended read. 

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