Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deal with the Devil


Derrick Delaney has been a high- class professional stripper for several years, rolling in money and living the good life. He entertains his choice of elite private patrons in the upstairs VIP lounge, and has his goals and dreams mapped out. Among those plans, taking time out to fall in love is not an option.
Then Scott Silver, a famous rock star, walks into the club and into his life one sultry, fateful night. Their not-so-chance meeting develops into an unquenchable obsession for both the exotic dancer and his musical benefactor. When Scott reveals his true agenda, Derrick’s feelings of anger and betrayal are no enough to make him turn his back on the singer. Come along for the ride as passion sizzles, sparks fly, and fireworks erupt when against his better judgment, Derrick is pressured into signing a Deal with the Devil.


Deal with the Devil by Sammy Jo Hunt is a love story based on need, acceptance and friendship.  Derrick is used to men flaunting their money at him. He strips for a living and also entertains high paying clients as he attempts to follow his life goal of getting rich.  What he doesn't have in his plans is Scott Silver, who after one night of passion, soon becomes the center of his world. 

I adored both men as Ms. Hunt took me on a journey of love awakening and renewing. Scott’s strong presence captivated my senses and drew me into the story.  His dedication to the love he felt for Derrick permeated the pages and caught Derrick by surprise, leaving him empty when separated from the man he grew to love.

Ms. Hunt’s description of the hunky rock star, Scott and the sinewy exotic dancer Derrick enthralled my curiosity as I cheered for them to get past their stubbornness and realize that what was presented to each of them was something beautiful and rare. Deal with the Devil demonstrates that sometimes when love comes your way, it can be subtle or it can hit you in the face; either way take it and run.  Ms. Hunt shows the reader that love is well-worth the challenge it presents in order to fulfill a dream of happily ever after.

Run and buy this beautiful story. Five handcuff review.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much. Such generosity in praise is a rare thing. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book, my characters, and their fight to figure out where they belonged.

    I appreciate you reviewing the book and for the high marks! I'll be happy to share this review everywhere!

    Best wishes & many thanks,
    SammyJo Hunt

  2. I truly enjoyed the books and fell in love with Scott and Derrick!