Sunday, January 27, 2013

Steve of the Dump

Steve Jennings has a dream-to be a refuse superhero.

Unfortunately, life at the Langley Civic Amenity Site is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Far from spending his days freeing the people of Langley from the scourge of broken furniture and unwanted clutter, Steve finds himself either avoiding the stinking wash room or dodging the vicious attentions of Site bully, Pete.

But with the arrival of a quiet, attractive stranger, is it possible Steve’s childhood dream will finally come true?


Steve of the Dump is not a story based on sex or sexual tension but a story forged from a bond built on friendship and love. It is for this simple statement that I give Steve of the Dump a 5 Handcuff Review.

Danni Keane introduces the reader to Steve, worker in the Household Waste Department at the Langley Civic Amenity Site. Steve is humiliated and criticized by his co-workers and emotionally tortured by one worker in particular, Pete. At every moment available, Pete tosses disparaging remarks at Steve, insinuating his lack of masculinity due to his homosexuality.

Enter a new worker, attractive Tomas.  Quiet, hard worker, and instantly smitten with the tortured Steve, Tomas begins the quiet journey of building a friendship and bond with Steve.  The men work side by side at the plant and side by side in their battle to upend Pete.  Little does Pete know that the bullied have now turned the tables.

Steve of the Dump is a short read chock-full of lessons to be learned. The subtle innuendoes written by Ms. Keane demonstrate the ability of the underdog to overcome adversity and that friendship can lead to love.  Steve and Tomas have touched my heart. Although there are no sexual scenes in the book, the chaste kiss and ambiguities lead the reader to believe that eventually more will follow. As it happens, the lack of sex has no bearing on the story as Steve of the dump found his Prince Charming and his happy ever after.

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