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Dr. Collins has always fantasized about the female students in his college classes. He never expected one of his students, a sexy girl named Elizabeth, has fantasies of her own in which he plays a starring role. Now Elizabeth wants the real thing, and like the saying goes…some of those who teach, can also do.


Taught by Jenna Owens is every man’s fantasy and a woman’s secret desire.  This short story fired up the e-reader as Dr. Collins’ sexual desires permeated through the pages as he ogled the female students in his class.  The fantasy soon becomes reality as one of his students yearns for the same thing and staying after school takes on a whole new meaning.

Ms. Owens portrayal left nothing to the imagination as she took the reader from zero to sixty in the first few pages of this short story, and she never looked back. If you were expecting hearts and flowers then this is not the tale for you. But, if you are looking for a quick encounter that is sexually motivated with no strings attached, then by all means read away.

The story moves quickly as both main characters know what they want and make no mistakes in asking. It is steamy and naughty; completely erotic and wonderfully kinky. Sometimes the ending is well worth the wait even if it is not totally what you expected. Read it in bed and let your imagination run wild.

Definitely S.E.X.
A 5 Handcuff Review

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