Friday, March 15, 2013

Dakota Trace Book Tour

“Okay where is she at?”  *glares down at his watch* “Hey folks, I’m sorry about this. Dakota’s muse, Livvy was supposed to be here an hour ago, but I’m not sure where she’s at.  The little imp couldn’t find her way out of wet paper sack”   *shifts uncomfortably, before tossing braid over his shoulder* “I suppose I should at least introduce myself, I’m Harkahome Akula, and one of…”

…my favorite hunks from Gabriel’s Light! *Livvy jumps Hark*  

“Whoa…” *grabs at the muse* “About time you got here, Muse.” 

*grins* What did you miss me?  *hooking her arm through his* I know you’re anxious to get your book started but I promise that once Dakota gets back from Florida, we’ll sit down and plan out evil things.. I mean work on your plot line.

*rubs hand over face* “Dear Lord, does it have to be you?

*places her hand on hip* And exactly which Muse do you think is honestly going to help her? Especailly when they know I’ll hunt them down if they even get within ten feet of my slave?

“I’m so screwed.”  *crosses arms* “Let’s get this over with Muse.”

*runs hand up his arm* Get what over with? 

*glares down at muse* “This stop.  I’m only here because Dakota asked me to fill in one of the slots.” *Shrugs hand off his arm.* “I’m not a toy for you to play with.”

*bats eyes at him* But you’d be so much fun to play with and don’t give me that bull that you’re not into women. I know exactly what you like *leans up to whisper in his ear*

*growls before shoving her away*  “Stop it.  Let’s do this…”

*smiles widely* I’ll do it anywhere you want. 

“Stop it! Or I’m leaving and you can fend all for yourself.”  *moves out of Muse’s reach*

Fine! *pouts* Just like a man, all talk and no action. I suppose I should get to why I’m here anyway, before tall, silent and sexy leaves me. As you’ve probably surmised, I’m Livvy, Dakota’s wise crackin’ muse. I love three things: chocolate, men and sex. *sultry smiles* As you probably can tell.  But unfortunately my author has decided she’d rather spend time in the company of a bunch of teenagers this week, so you’re stuck with me. 

“Lord help them.” 

*ignores the grumpy Native American.* And so you’re gonna get the down and dirty about Gabriel’s Light with no frills, because I’m the muse, not the author.   So basically what I did is threw together two lost souls, one grieving for the loss of his sub and the other cheering for the death of her husband…

“Livvy!  She was not cheering when her husband died!” 

Well she should’ve been.  *Sticks out tongue* I’m telling this story, so either you do it, or shut up.
*grits teeth* “How about I gag you instead?”  *snags black scarf from basket* 

Ummm, what are you planning on doing with that? *takes a step back*

*evil glint in eye* “Guess?”  *wrapping the material around his hands*

*narrows eyes* You wouldn’t dare!

*scuffle ensues*  

“There. Sorry about that folks.” *eyes bound and gagged Muse* “Don’t worry I’ll let her out…eventually.” *shrugs shoulders* “It’s either that or kill her.”
*muffled sounds from muse*

“Okay where were we?” *snaps fingers* “I remember. We were talking about Gabriel’s Light. I’m definitely not the author of this amazing story. In fact, I have to give kudos to Dakota for tackling such a challenging story.  So click HERE to find out more about Zhenya, Gabriel, and Sophie, the sweetest little baby you’ll ever meet.” *shrugs* “And I know I’m impartial.” 

*waits patiently for veiwers to finish reading* “Done…good.”  *rare smile crosses his lips* “And now that is out of the way, there’s only a few items left on the check list.”  *digs list out of pocket* 

“Looks like Dakota is giving away a set of Romance Trading Cards today from the Doms of Chicago Series. All you have to do to enter for a chance to win, is leave your name and email address in the comment box below.” 

 *brow furrows as reads paper*  “Okay it seems like I’m going to have to replace the scarf I just destroyed to tie up and gag Livvy, it seems as if it was part of the Grand Prize giveaway.  But that’s okay. It was worth the price.  Just remember that every time you comment on one of the stops gives you an entry into the grand prize drawing, which Dakota will be choosing a winner for on the 23rd of March.  *folds up paper*  “And I do believe that’s it...other than…”  *walks over to Livvy and frisk her, before straightening*  “…this.  Courtesy of Ms Dakota.  Evelise, I hope you’ll accept this chocolate bar as an apology for both Livvy and my behavior today.” 

*lifts squirming bound muse and toss her over his shoulder* “Thank you for having us and don’t forget to enter. I’m going to be going now, and I’ll take this troublesome muse with me.  But you’ll be able to catch her tomorrow on For the Love of Bookends, if she behaves.”   *Disappears*

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  1. Welcome Livvy & Hark!
    So glad that you had the time to stop by. Lovely prize basket that you are giving away...befitting of anyone's playroom!

    1. Thanks for having them and putting up with Livvy's antics. I swear the hosts should receive hazard pay when they deal with her.


  2. Hopefully he lets her go!! Lol. Wonder what mischief she'll get up to when she's free.

    Smurfettev AT Gmail DOT com

  3. Wow! Can't wait to read this!

  4. Hark is so lovely!! Glad he stopped by.

  5. Hark should have some fun with Livvy before he lets her go! :)

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  6. Love this post. Hark is sure to be a favorite of mine.

  7. Hark sounds sexy! I do love a sexy Native American man :)
    Thanks so much for another fun post!
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