Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Incubus Lesson (Incubus Contract 2)


Remy Eschette has been a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that he's attracted the attention of a class A Incubus with sex and contracts on his mind. Remy’s soul is up for grabs, and Deacon steps in with an offer Remy is better off not refusing. He can become his Hell Hound, his live-in servant, in exchange for his life.

Deacon Anderson is an immortal Incubus with no idea what it takes to make a commitment. Unfortunately, taking on a Hell Hound is the biggest commitment of all. Avoidance is the only viable option. But when Remy refuses to sleep with him until Deacon helps him right the wrongs of his past, the Incubus is faced with spending more and more time with him.

Love brings redemption, but both struggle with their respective sordid pasts. Time will tell what sacrifices they have to make in order to find a loving relationship in the new bargains they strike.


The Incubus Lesson by Jana Downs kept me captivated from the moment I was introduced to Remy and Deacon. Remy is a bad boy, man-whoring Wolfen who loses his soul to a Class A incubus. Upon his untimely death and if he wants any form of redemption, he has no choice but to accept the deal lay out by the contract holders.  Class A Incubus Deacon has just enslaved his very own Hell Hound and has absolutely no idea what to do with his Wolf Boy.

Both strangers to commitment, Deacon and Remy are about to embark on a ride that takes them from life to death and back again. The issue of course is can they survive the trip together so they can both get their happily ever after.

Jana Downs delivered an engaging story centered on inner turmoil, lust, and love. Her description of Remy was an alpha male, hell bent on screwing anyone in his path, with little regard. What 
Ms. Downs actually delivered was a tortured soul, who has been hurt in his past and in need of redemption and salvation. She brought Remy to life as his personality unfolded and we caught a glimpse of his true nature; a submissive man with a heart filled with love and deep emotion.

As an incubus, Deacon was used to random acts of sex in order to lure his prey. Ms. Downs provided Deacon inner conflict as he soon discovered that Remy was the other half of his soul, thus making it very difficult to perform his duties. 

When she brought Deacon and Remy together the passion exploded, the sex was hot, and the love was bountiful.

The Incubus Lesson allowed the reader to wonder who was truly learning the lesson in this story. Jana Downs delivered characters with depth and deep-seeded understanding that sometimes what we assume is correct may not truly be. Opposites can attract and good can always come from something that started off as unscrupulous.

A wonderful story for lovers of sensual studs, wise-cracking characters, and steamy sex.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review.

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