Saturday, April 6, 2013

Under the Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #2)


Edward McAllister, wedding planner extraordinaire arrives at Sapphire Cay for a wedding. He has four days to go until the big day and his plans are smashed when he spots the stage he was setting is destroyed. Doesn’t matter that the guy pulling down the old gazebo and digging trenches is hot-he is messing with Edward’s OCD and Edward isn’t afraid to let the other man know exactly how he feels.

Jamie Durand is an ex-Marine and son of the former owners of Sapphire Cay. He in on the island to get his head around his new life after leaving the forces due to an injury. When Edward arrives in his space he is bemused at the instant dislike the uptight man is showing towards him.

Not an auspicious start. But just you wait when Edward relaxes and Jamie opens up.


Under the Sun was romantically wonderful! How could anyone not love a slightly OCD, flamboyant wedding planner, who carries his diary near and dear to his heart and a hot stud of an ex-Marine? 
Open the e-reader and sit for the duration as you read the newest ingenious collaboration of R.J. Scott and Meredith Russell.

The second book in the Sapphire Cay Series, takes us back to Sapphire Cay, where Lucas and Dylan now own the resort and have built it up to an island paradise where brides and grooms want all their dreams to come true on that special day.

Enter Edward, wedding planner fab. Based out of Miami, his business often finds him on the island. Attention to detail, fastidious and very British, Edward makes fantasy come to reality.

Enter Jamie, ex-Marine; trying to find a place in the world after a horrific combat accident.  Rough around the edges, slightly gruff, and a slob; polar opposite of Edward. Only one thing came happen when they meet…opposites truly do attract.

Scott and Russell have weaved a romantic tale that stimulated the senses.  I laughed aloud; I chuckled to myself, but most of all I cheered for the two men to find their way so that the end result could be in each other’s arm. When Edward and Jamie came together they lit up the pages of the story. The slow sexual build up; kissing, petting and cuddling added realism and depth to the story. These two men were meant to explore, and that they did.

I adored the portrayal of both Edward and Jamie. Scott and Russell allowed them to grow individually so that they could eventually learn to grow together as a committed couple. Under the Sun demonstrated that life is not always cookie cutter in how we think it should be. Sometimes chance is actually scripted and you have to take the leap of faith in order to find true happiness. Scott and Russell masterfully wrote that leap in the joining of Edward and Jamie.

Definite S.E.X.

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