Friday, May 10, 2013

Siren Call


[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, gods, HEA]
In a world where gods and men live and work side by side, Rorik, son of Loki, is a man without equal. A very successful trader, he sails the globe with his crew seeking profit and adventure. However, this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Capturing a male siren might’ve seemed fun at first but having him may prove dangerous to Rorik keeping his heart.
Terren never expected to find freedom in the arms of a barbarian. Promised to a man he’s never met, he yearns for escape. When Rorik comes ashore, he thinks perhaps his luck has turned for the better. A life with the barbarian promises adventure and freedom within the year if he serves on Rorik’s crew. However, other gods will go to any lengths to get him back where he belongs. Can they find the strength to forge their own destiny or will the pressure separate them before they have a chance?


Siren Call by Jana Downs was a wonderful start to her new series Gods Behaving Badly. Mythological beings took over Ms. Downs’s literary art as she wove a tale of Norse and Greeks gods. Terren, son of Apollo and a male siren is about to reach his age of maturity, his sexual maturity. Apollo has promised him to another Greek god as his lover. Terren though wants more from and for his life; he longs for adventure and travel.

Rorik is the son of Loki, a man made for adventure as he sails the seas with his men trading goods and ware. With Loki’s guidance and assistance, Rorik captures Terren and plans to make him his slave. Soon the master has a difficult time differentiating between his role as the would-be master, as the slave binds him to his heart.

Ms. Downs intertwined reality and fantasy as the journeys on the high seas came to light. Rorik and his men are considered barbarians by Greek standards, yet Jana Downs delivered sensuality and care, especially in Rorik’s treatment of Terren.

Rorik exuded pure masculinity as his strength of character permeated the pages. I adored him from the start and could not help but fall in love with his lustfulness and tenderness.  Ms. Downs created a character that embraced life to the fullest.

Terren was sure-footed and passionate. His portrayal was sponge-like as he desired to absorb all knowledge and gratified himself and his mate. Terren displayed moments of childlike wonder with a quiet will of steel that complimented Rorik in their lust for life and for each other.

The sex was explosive from the first moment that Terren allowed Rorik to take his virginity and beyond. Ms. Downs wrote sensual scenes that spoke of love and desire. The Barbarian and the Siren ignited the fur covered settings whether they were on the swaying waves of high seas or on land.

As a fan of Jana Downs I always look forward to reading her work. I am never disappointed and can't wait to read more gods behaving badly.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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