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Welcome Author Joyee Flynn

S.E.X.welcomes Author Joyee Flynn and her newest masterpiece Virgil

Virgil has been hiding something… But then again that isn’t anything new to him. He doesn’t fit in with the family that doesn’t even know who he really is. Learning long ago that he wasn’t normal, he strives to just fit in. Fate just doesn’t seem to have it in the cards for him.

Moreo and Foma have been searching for their other mate for centuries. Now that they think they’ve found him, Virgil’s running from them. Panicked that he’s only staying in Greece a few days and confused by his reaction, they decide to take desperate measures. After their plan backfires instead of opening up Virgil to being their mate, can they convince him they were only trying to help? Or will it be the last straw to push Virgil over the edge and leave everything behind to start over somewhere else, saying goodbye to the Mariuses forever?


“The fae Queen keeps things informal or she doesn’t like to have everyone treat her so differently, but she should be called her majesty as well. Ruling King or Queen get majesty. Anyone else in the ruling royal family gets your highness.”
“Okay, so you and Lorcan get your majesty because you’re Caleb’s mates, but you’re both still Princes because you can’t be Queen since you don’t have boobs,” Patrick surmised. I bounced my head along with that one and then snickered. My brother’s mate had such a way with words.
“I love how Americans know how to turn a phrase,” a deep, loud voice chuckled from behind Caleb. I saw him before his scent hit me and I almost fell over just from how handsome he was. There were too many flowers in the throne room where we met up with Caleb after a meeting of his for me to have caught his scent sooner. But when I did, I froze… Except my fangs. The stranger’s eyes met mine and he saw them come out, schooling his reaction carefully.
“I don’t know if he’s picking on me or not,” Patrick said to his mate, getting the fae’s attention.
“No, not at all,” the man replied gently, shooting me another look quickly.  “I honestly do love it. I appreciate bluntness. And his majesty, Prince Liam, is correct, our Queen smacked one of us once for calling her by that term. She said she was more mother to us all than ruler to be put up on a throne away from here people. We call her the term highness. She couldn’t make us stop so she gave up.”
“This is Foma, one of the new additions to our security,” Caleb said as I stared at the god of a fae man. His scent was confusing me though because it waivered almost as if there were two of them. Then again I was desperately trying to get my fangs to retract so I was slightly distracted. “And this is his mate, Mareo.” Caleb gestured to the other side of him and I locked eyes with the deepest midnight- blue eyes I’d ever seen. And I knew Mareo had seen every second of my reaction.
Did they know they were my mates? Fuck!
Stefan reached for Foma’s hand. “Nice to meet you. We didn’t get a chance to when the fae crossed over.”
“We crossed over a couple of centuries ago in search of our mate,” Foma explained, staring at me again. I felt the blood drain from my face, knowing he’d busted me, and glanced away… And met Mareo’s gaze. Shit! “When we heard that the Queen and the rest of our people crossed over to this plane and some were coming to Greece, we made ourselves known to Caleb and offered our services to help acclimate the fae.”
“Very nice of you,” Patrick said as he shook the man’s hand next. “Damn, you’re just huge in a whole new way, man.”
“So I’ve been told,” Foma drawled and then snickered. “I’ve almost got two feet on you. I’m seven seven.”
“Five eight,” Patrick chuckled. “Just call me shorty.”
“Virgil, are you going to come meet Caleb’s people or stand there?” Stefan asked jokingly but I could hear the slight concern in his tone. “Dude, you okay?”
“Yeah,” I answered, clearing my throat. “Just weird seeing Caleb like this with all the grandeur.” I gestured around, lying through my teeth. “That and the flight.” I shrugged. “Sorry. Just kind of spaced out.”
“Then we should show you to your rooms for some rest,” Mareo said as he moved closer to me. “I didn’t catch your name.”
I swallowed loudly as I stared up at the massive man. Yes, I had to stare up at him. He was maybe an inch shorter than Foma but at least seven and a half feet tall. “Virgil Marius.”
“Nice to meet you, Virgil,” he said in a slightly husky voice. We shook hands and I noticed that Stefan and Patrick were talking to Liam and Lorcan again, everyone else distracted. They wanted to see their new baby before we settled in.
“Same,” I mumbled, trying to get back my hand and not breathe at the same time. If I took in his scent with how attracted I was to him, my fangs would come right back out and I’d be busted.
“Virgil did you say?” Foma asked, suddenly right next to his mate, both of them practically surrounding me but keeping a polite distance… Technically. To everyone else it might have looked as if we were just in a private conversation. “Lovely fangs you have.”
“Thanks, I’m, um, th–thirsty,” I lied. “Tired and thirsty.”
“Hmm.” Foma glanced at his mate and I had a feeling they didn’t believe me. “Then we should check on you during your nap.”
“Maybe keep an extra close eye on you,” Mareo agreed as he let go of my hand only for Foma to take it in his massive one. I stared into his light brown eyes and found myself twenty seconds from swooning. I swear he had gold flecks swirling around in them or something. It was hypnotic and alluring all at once. “Like as you’re lying naked and sated in our arms.”
I felt a thrill of desire go through me and my fangs, the fucking things, popped back out.  I shook my head and pulled my hand back as I got them to retract. “I’m sorry, no thank you. I appreciate the offer but I’m straight.”
Mareo leaned in until his shoulder- length black hair brushed against my ear. “The erection you’re sporting would suggest otherwise. Why do I get the feeling most everything you’ve said is bullshit, Virgil?”
Because you’re smart. But I couldn’t say that. “If you’ll excuse me, I want to meet my nephew.” I cleared my throat and went to step around them.
“Running won’t stop us from pursuing,” Foma warned.

Adult Excerpt:

I leaned my forehead against the cool stone wall as I pushed the heel of my hand into my cock, begging it to behave and calm down. I’d never get to sleep with a hard- on like this. I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on myself. That had to be werewolf blood I drank!
But why just me?
“We could help you with that,” a deep voice said behind me. I didn’t even have to turn around to see who it was.
“I’m fine,” I lied, shaking my head even as I wanted to whimper and beg for them to take me. I went to stand back up to leave when Mareo grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me, pushing his larger body against mine. I gasped, shocked at the bold move, and he immediately plunged his tongue into my mouth. Kissing him back, I moaned as two sets of hands moved over my body.
“We see you, Virgil,” Foma whispered in my ear as I kept kissing, Mareo. Their hands guided me away from the wall and then I was moving backwards towards my room. “Let us show you how special you are like you deserve.”
God that sounded so nice. To be appreciated for once and not worry. My mind couldn’t keep up with my body, the werewolf blood racing through me like a drug. There was this little voice though that was screaming to stop this, that there was something that I needed to remember as to why I couldn’t do this.
We got to my room and clothes went flying. I glanced around, wondering how we’d gotten here so fast, panting for air now that Mareo’s lips weren’t plastered to mine. I had enough sense left that to check  that the door was closed before a naked and very gorgeous Foma got on his knees in front of me. Then suddenly the little voice with the warning was dead and I wanted everything they offered. I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to with the blood flowing through me.
“Foma has the best mouth,” Mareo purred in my ear as his slick fingers moved over my crease. “Suck Virgil off, my love.”
“Gladly. I love a big cock in my mouth,” Foma moaned before licking the head of it. I gasped as a drop of my pre-cum fell onto his tongue. Holy fuck was that like the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.
“Please, I hurt,” I whispered, my body shaking with need. “It was werewolf blood I drank. Don’t tease me. It hurts.”
“Do you promise to submit to us all night and be ours?” Mareo asked, holding up a hand to stop Foma when he went to swallow me down.
“Yes, I give myself to you tonight,” I agreed, having just enough sense to clarify how long I was there.
“Good enough for now,” he bitched but waved Foma on. I cried out as he swallowed me down, his light brown eyes staring up at me with lust, groaning at the taste of me. At the same time Mareo pushed a finger in my ass and started stretching me out. “Big cock and tight ass. Yes, you are perfect for us.”
I couldn’t even say anything. My body  one big nerve ending and ball of need to come. Moments later I was tugging on Foma’s hair, freeing his soft curls from the tie, to signal I was coming. He shook his head and kept right on going. I cried out in bliss as I came, my balls almost hurting from the force of it. It seemed to last forever, his mouth never stopping it’s attention on me.
When I came back down, Mareo was pulling four fingers out of my ass and Foma drew off of me and stood. How had I missed him stretching me out like that? I gasped for air as my senses ran wild, my body craving more and everything from them. Next thing I knew I was on the bed, hands and knees, with Mareo’s cock pushing against my hole and Foma’s held up to my mouth. I opened for him, getting a smile as my reward as he ran his fingers through my ear-length hair.
The moment Mareo plunged into me, I bucked my hips, letting him know to get on with it. He listened because the next thing I knew he was plowing into me as I deep throated Foma.
I came first, my body needing just a little help and Mareo’s massive cock rubbing my prostate being just what did the trick. Hell, I wanted to measure Foma’s later when I was in my right mind. Maybe in my haze I was seeing more of it than I thought there was, but I was pretty damn sure it was way over a foot long. I couldn’t even take half of it into me.
Mareo bellowed out my name as he filled my body with his release. The second he was done, he pulled out of me and flopped down to the bed. Foma pushed me off of him and I rolled onto my back, blinking up at him in shock. He moved between my legs, wrapping  them over his hip s before plunging into me. Just like before I distantly felt the mating bond snap into place, not being able to focus on it, but knowing that my life would never be the same.
“We’re going to love you so good and forever, Virgil,” Foma whispered as he leaned over before kissing me stupid. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted my hips to meet his. We could worry about whatever else was going on later. Right then I just wanted pleasure. I wanted to let go, deal with my hormones, take the pleasure they offered, and give in to my desires with the two sexiest men I’d ever seen.


How many books do you currently have published?

Tomorrow #94 comes out. I still do a double take when I have to add them all up or tally them all up in my head. I’m not sure how all of a sudden that number got so high. I still feel like I should be saying five. I’ve completed 100 and the rough draft of 101 is done though it’s not ready to be edited yet.

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? Why?

I don’t really have a favorite.  I like writing characters from all walks of life… But I will say that at least one main character always has a large part of me in them. For instance some quirk or flaw that is just very me. Virgil in particular, I have a lot in common with. We’re both middle children who… Well, I don’t want to spoil the book! But there’s a lot of me in his character. Plus, I just love the idea of spending the rest of my life between two hot fae warriors!

What are you working on right now?

A new series called Shifting Reality that’s different than anything I’ve ever done in that the romance isn’t the focus. It’s there, but it’s grittier, not as much roses and tenderness at the forefront of the plot. The ride has been both exciting and frustrating because it was hard to not have the central story focus on that or killing the bad guy in the end, instead it’s about the quest. So I kept feeling like I was missing something or lacking in my plot. But that was the point… To do something different and push myself!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

It’s such a long list that it might be shorter to say one that I don’t have! I hate reality TV. The only shows I’ve ever gotten into was Dancing with the Stars  and that was just because my gram watches it and we bonded over it, but I couldn’t keep up with it since it didn’t interest me. And I hung on for one season of The Voice but that was all I could handle. I just can’t do it.

How do you keep track of all your characters?

There are charts and tables and graphs and lists and files and files in the files and folder upon folders and OH MY GOD it scares people when I show them. It’s just the way my mind works and how I’ve separated it all. I’m up to over 1,000 characters I’ve named in all of my Joyee books alone with all the main and minor ones. So there’s a lot!

Lightening Round

How would your spouse or best friend describe you in three words?
Pain. In. Ass.

Favorite body part.
Eyes if I’m being PC… If I’m not then I’ve got a fab rack.

Rap, funk, country, rock?
All. I’m eclectic. I like opera and oldies too.

Coffee or tea.
Both, just different times of the day!

Light or Dark (you decide what this means)
I immediately looked down and thought “clothing style, okay.” I tend to go with darker colors.

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