Monday, June 3, 2013

Dare to Submit, Safeword LLC


Elena Conti seeks out the help of Safeword LLC, a company that places submissives with their appropriate Dominants. She’s tried to overcome her issues with trust and the overusage of her safeword by herself, but realizes it’s futile. Utilizing Safeword LLC is Elena’s last hope of eradicating her fears, but she hadn’t counted on being placed with the two men whom she’d specifically stayed away from for the past eight months.
Harrison James is known for his expertise using a whip, the one implement that haunts her dreams. Grant Delport uses pleasure as his method of training. Together, do they have what it takes to convince Elena that trust is the ultimate submission?
Dare to Submit, Safeword LLC #2 by Peyton Elizabeth was in one word SULTRY! Ms. Elizabeth delivered a beautifully erotic tale filled with thoughtfulness and care.  Safeword LLC is an agency that places submissives with two masters, striving for a loving and safe, consensual environment. 

In Date to Submit, Elena sought more, something she was fearful of but knew she desired. She hoped to find the more in the capable placement by Kennedy, owner of Safeword LLC.  What she found was erotic splendor and release in the capable hands of Dominants Harrison and Grant. Ms. Elizabeth’s characterization of the two Dom’s left little room for the fact that they could read Elena as if she were an open book and the desire they had to make her their own.

All three main characters in Dare to Submit were different in appeal and disposition. Elena was unsure emotionally yet secure in her desires. Harrison was overpowering, charismatic and an emotional rock. And Grant was charming and steadfast. Together, the variety of personalities melded in a sensual partnership that had substance and meaning. Together they took this reader to new heights and stimulated my senses and emotions.

Peyton Elizabeth wove the lures of the two Doms and their submissive intricately and delicately. Each one brought an appealing facet to the ménage that illuminated the relationship. The faith and bond was apparent as Harrison and Grant took Elena to subspace and she trusted them to catch her.

The sex was totally hot and as I quoted to a friend, ‘you can come just from reading the book’.  Each scene, each conversation felt like I was there in the midst of what was occurring. Peyton Elizabeth has a way of transforming the reader into the story and emotionally connecting so there was no doubt you would fall in love with the characters.

Dare to Submit is a beautiful story of trust and love. It is the submission of not only Elena submitting to her Dom’s but also the submission of Harrison and Grant allowing them to holdfast on the feelings they have for Elena and create a life worth living. It is a bond that when forged, everything else takes a back seat, for when you submit, life truly begins.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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