Monday, July 1, 2013

The Celestine Room by Jared Rackler


In the city of Melinoe, necromancer Nikos Aristos summons the dead for king and country. Yet, in the frozen depths of winter, bonds are easily shattered and he may yet find himself under the spell of the very thing he once commanded. Love knows no heartbeat between a necromancer and a vampire.


The Celestine Room by Jared Rackler was edgy and gritty as the reader was taken between the world of the undead and dead.  Nikos, an academic and necromancer attended the annual festivities where he and all guests learned that the undead will now live peacefully amongst the people of Melinoe. Amid the vampires was his former lover Rune. Now able to be a part of the same world, Rune approached Nikos with the chance to be together.

Although The Celestine Room is a short story, much emotion and depth was packed into it. Jared Rackler developed characters with emotional complexity and deep-seated connections.

Nikos, necromancer, lived between two worlds, never allowed himself to feel the connection of another, lest they somehow become part of his fa├žade. Raising the dead for his king solely permitted him a lonesome existence. This turmoil is radiated through his emotions and poignant discussion with Rune.

Rune, as a vampire, is used to taking what he wanted and as peace is broached between the two races, Rune desired Nikos; to love and keep.

I surmised a sentiment in the beast Rune, a longing for more than his vampiric existence indulged him. A spiritual connection with the necromancer gave him warmth and depth, not apparent or usual for his species; a species that preyed on the willing and unwilling without recourse.

The Celestine Room was intriguing and enthralling as Jared Rackler entered the world of fantasy between two very different characters and achieved an ending palpable for all.

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