Friday, August 30, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ A Princess Submits by Peyton Elizabeth


Lisa Winthrop-Zanier appears to have it all – a princess by all regards. Unfortunately, life isn’t always as it seems. Her father is on the brink of financial ruin due to the Merrick men, who have acquired the family business. The rumors as to why are affecting her reputation. Adding to Lisa’s woes is the fact that her best friend, Kennedy Van Camp, wants to terminate the application she submitted to Safeword LLC. Why? Lisa’s placement is with Owen and Landon Merrick – the men who stole her father’s company. 

Not willing to give up her desire to experience the Lifestyle, Lisa begrudgingly goes along with Kennedy’s choice of Dominants and finds a whole new world awaits her. Upon discovering the reason for Owen and Landon devastating her father’s life, Lisa finds herself at a crossroad of loyalty. She has a choice to make – kneel and serve or retain her crown.


A Princess Submits stimulated the senses and sent tingles throughout as Lisa was placed in the capable hands of Doms Owen and Landon courtesy of Kennedy Van Camps’ agency, Safeword LLC.  The men were enchanted with the beauty, a business woman and daughter of a well-known wealthy financier. The men became submerged in a takeover for Lisa’s fathers company, but held fast that they had her best interest at heart.

Peyton Elizabeth has truly outdone herself in A Princess Submits. Lisa was an honest and vulnerable personality delivering self-doubt in her inability to relax and let go. Her submission was an art as she allowed the men to release her from her inner turmoils and absorb the freedom and love they provided.

Owen and Landon’s temperaments as loving and attentive Doms radiated in their treatment and care of Lisa. The interaction between the two cousins and their open dialogue with her created a synergy that was electric and spicy. They played and loved with a fierceness that could only be obtained by true affection.

Steamy and hypnotizing; perfect descriptors for the sex and the BDSM relationship which created this perfect ménage. Additionally, Ms. Elizabeth revealed a tad bit more into the sibylline life of Safeword LLC’s owner Kennedy Van Camp.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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