Sunday, September 22, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Clockwork Romance~ Skye Dragen


Clockmaker by day and thief by night, Arthur Winfield is used to charming his way into the homes and pocket books of London’s wealthiest patrons. He robs the rich to fund projects designed to help those in need and uses the nobility of his goal as an excuse for the continuation of his thieving. Little does he know that his latest mark may well be his last.

Lord Percival Brien’s wealth has acquired him a reputation for being one of the richest men in London. Solicited to ferret out the thief who robbed his uncle, he walks into Arthur’s shop with one purpose: divining whether or not the man he is looking for is the pretty-faced clockmaker in front of him. As he builds a friendship with Arthur, he may find that their tastes run to more intimate tracks than steam trolleys and airships.

Ms. Dragen’s book Clockwork Romance was an interesting twist between romance and mystery. The setting of the late eighteen nineties was pure magic for this book.

Arthur Winfield the brilliant clock maker, whose love of all things mechanical was endearing. Lord Percival Brien who enjoyed a life of leisure wants be of more use in the world.

When Percival’s Uncle Duke Degham asked him to look into a robbery at his estate; little did he know it would lead him to the most captivating man he had ever met. As Arthur and Percival grew closer together will Arthur's secret destroy everything they have built together?

It was an interesting read to find the answers to this burning question. Ms. Dragen captured you with first words of the book keeping you entertained right up until the end. A great read for an afternoon or rainy day.

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