Saturday, November 23, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Freedom to Surrender by Melody Snow Monroe

Ashley Milosino has no job, no money, and few job prospects. When her friend’s brother, Tatum Morganton, moves to Freedom, Colorado to fill the vacancy of deputy, she gives in and agrees to show him around. His roommate, Drexel Ford, great-grandson of Henry Ford, is in town to find himself. He can’t afford for anyone to get close and learn his secret. Then why did he suggest Ashley work at the auto repair shop where he just signed on?
The sexual tension heats up, and when the three of them do get together, things explode. Against his better judgment, Drex falls for Ashley, and when he tells her the truth about himself, she is furious. Trying to solve the problem, he buys a building for her so she can fulfill her dreams. She wants to succeed on her own and dumps him.
What can he and Tatum do to restore order to their breaking hearts?

Oh how I love the Freedom,Colorado Series by Melody Snow Monroe! Just when I think that she cannot top the previous book Ms. Monroe does. Freedom to Surrender was a beautifully story of acceptance, trust and love.

Drex and Tatum, best friends, have relocated to Freedom, where they both desire a quieter side of life. In relocation, they once again met Ashley Milosino, friend and relative to previous characters. The two men were instantly smitten with the exuberant and beautiful woman. One man wanted a relationship; the other had a secret that inhibited him from moving forward. Fortunately, trust, friendship and love overrode all until harmony could be achieved.

Ms. Monroe depicted a tale of not simply lustfulness, but of true understanding in the face of reticence. In Freedom to Surrender, the surrendering was not solely a woman giving in to her urges to submit, but also the surrendering of each man finding his way in the world and their budding relationship. True harmony could not occur until all parties discovered that surrender went hand in hand with trust.

Drex and Tatum were strong males who needed to trust in each other and Ashley. Ashley also needed to allow herself freedom to surrender, albeit her family’s constant overprotectiveness and failed acceptance of her abilities to make her way in the world.

Drex, Tatum and Ashley complimented each other in and out of the hearth as Ms. Monroe permitted each character to speak to her and grow at their own pace.

The Freedom, Colorado Series are stand-alone books but I would recommend reading them in order. You will not be disappointed by any of the books. Beautiful people, both inside and out, well-crafted ménages and steamy sex.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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