Sunday, November 3, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Paul & Sam by Justin South

Paul & Sam is a MM romance murder mystery. Their story is plot intensive, with a degree of psychic chemistry, as the following brief description indicates:

19yo Paul lives a lonely, tormented existence. One night he meets Sam in extraordinary circumstances. He discovers Sam hero-worships him for saving his cousin’s life after a cowardly beach incident two years earlier.

Blinded by infatuation for his hero and devastated by the recent death of Tim, his twin brother, Sam passionately pleads to Paul to become his partner. While deciding, Paul is drawn into Tim’s psychic maze of cryptic messages. What is Tim’s influence? Does Tim empower Paul to identify the culprit who caused his cousin’s near-death? Can Paul decipher Tim’s cryptograms to solve the mystery surrounding his passing?

Follow Paul’s journey to love and happiness. Share the passion as two young men overcome insecurities and develop their innate strengths. Admire the kindness and generosity of Sam’s family as it assists others less fortunate. Deliberate the madness of revenge leading to the exposure of evil judicial corruption and a suspenseful court case.

Mr. South’s story Paul & Sam was a hauntingly sweet tale of young men finding each other and falling in love. The story takes you through their journey in finding justice for a fallen family member and helping another find his way back to a full and happy life. With the background of surf and sand the scene is set for the characters. The writing style reminded you of a beautiful poem that flowed so effortlessly.

Paul, a young man thrown out because he was gay has struggled to make his way in the world alone. Sam also has lost so much in such a short time. His cousin Adam was injured in a surfing accident and has given up on life and the death of his twin Tim.  After the death of his twin Tim, Sam is in despair and what keeps him going is his need to find the man that saved Adam’s life.

An engrossing read that made you want to read faster to find out what happened next. It was sweet, kind, and sexy with a touch of mystery you just couldn’t help but enjoy.  A recommended read.

Sexy and Sizzling.
A four and a half handcuff review

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