Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek30

7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 long as it's sexy. 
What is sexy to you? 
This weeks sexy is Marik Jette and his fantasy session starring 
Keegan Gautier. 
Enjoy the excerpt from Yesterday's Secrets (Unedited). 
A new venture with author Dakota Trace.
Remember, this is a blog hop so keep hoppin' and enjoy the other great authors!

Meet Keegan Gautier
He reached into his pocket and retrieved the key to the front door of the apartment building. The ten story building was safe and secure and the apartments were at a premium. Normally, he wouldn't have been able to afford the sixth floor apartment, but lucky for him, a frat buddy's Dad owned the building and gave him a great rate. Paying half the cost was a real steal in this area.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, the six flights of stairs were a little bit of exercise, when he reached his floor and apartment 602. Home. Letting himself in, tossing the keys in the bowl on the entry table, he locked the door and made his way to the kitchen. Beer in hand,  he grabbed his lap top from his bedroom and flopped on the couch and waited for it to turn on. Grabbing the control, he turned on the television and channel surfed. Not finding anything worth watching, he put on one of Comcast's music channels, Latin pop.

Lap top finally on, Marik clicked on his email and saw he had twenty unread emails. Nothing from Satterfield West. Deleting the spam, he answered two emails from Temple University, both soliciting money for various programs. He always made sure that he donated at least twenty dollars to the fund raising programs. Losing interest, he decided maybe a little porn was in order, so he clicked on his favorite site. Fuck, not even this interested him tonight. All his thoughts kept trailing back to Keegan and those beautiful amber eyes and luscious lips. Closing everything up, he made his way to his bedroom, stripping along the way. By the time he pulled down the comforter and climbed between the sheets, he needed relief. He was as hard as granite and the more his thoughts strayed to Keegan the harder he became.

Reaching in the bedside table, he grabbed the bottle of lube and poured a liberal amount in his hand. Wrapping his hand around his cock, he began to slowly stroke himself from base to tip, rubbing his thumb on the purple crown collecting the pre-cum and smoothing it down his rod.

Picturing Keegan and those red, rosy lips wrapped around his cock, he began to stroke himself more forceful. "Oh, fuck, baby, amorcito, that feels so good." He closed his eyes and when he reopened them Keegan's amber eyes looked up at him through thick lashes. Keegan's mouth worked his dick like a violinist on a Stradivarius.

He began to move his hips, lifting them off the bed, all the while imaginary Keegan's head bobbed up and down his rod bringing him closer to climax. Marik grabbed his balls and fondled them, rolling them in his left hand. Right hand moving swiftly up and down. Faster. Stroking. Lifting his hips from the bed and arching his back, a vision of the sexy Creole came to mind and he shot off like a rocket. Cum spurt from his slit and landed on his chest. He tugged on his dick two more times, drawing out every drop. Finally to sensitive to touch himself anymore, he collapsed onto the bed and relaxed.. Leaning over the edge of the bed, he reached for his disguarded t-shirt and wiped himself up. Damn, that was some orgasm. He grabbed the covers and pulled them up, a shower was in order, but that could wait until tomorrow. For now, his thoughts were on a certain sexy Creole.

As soon as he awoke, he knew that he should have taken a shower before falling asleep. He had wiped himself down, but the t-shirt didn’t get all the cum from his chest and now he had dried cum flakes stuck to him. This would be hell to get out, so a hot shower was in order.


  1. I still think this is yummy. Naughty Marik.

  2. So hot! I can't wait until these two guys are actually together! :)