Friday, December 27, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ The Maiden's Journey by Summer Newman


Fanny Brite, the quintessential English prude who runs a finishing school for beautiful aristocratic ladies, is forced to leave her island after an invasion. Along with her four virgin students, the gorgeous Fanny is rescued by a ship full of eleven handsome men and they embark on an erotic journey of danger and adventure. Their goal is the Island of Eros and the Great Treasure Chest, but to reach Eros and the happiness they all seek, they must successfully pass seven voyages, which include securing items from extremely dangerous islands along the way. 

During the hair-raising trip their lives are continually threatened by pirates, barbarians, and pursuing navies who are intent on killing the captain and Fanny's alpha love interest, the handsome Jonah Corson. Fanny saves everyone's lives with her sharp mind and new found confidence, and her "maiden's journey" is truly one of awakening and self-discovery

Ms. Newman's book A Maiden's Journey was set in a time of pirates and barbarians sailing the seas. A time when young ladies were sent off to finishing schools to be proper ladies.

When the small island of Round is over taken by the French, Fanny Brite, the head of a Maidenhead Finishing School has to take her four young charges and runs for their lives. They are driven to the edge of the island with nowhere else to go, but as luck has it, a ship is still there and agrees to take them on board.

As five women who have never known the touch of a man, Fanny is concerned for all of them when she realizes they are among a crew of eleven men.  The captain, Jonah Carson promises her the woman will be safe from his men, so she relaxes somewhat. Not thinking that any of them would be the ones to make the first moves.

Jonah takes them on a journey of a life time to find the great treasure on the island Eros. The women soon realize they can never return home and join with the men to find the great treasure. They have many perilous adventures along the way.

This was a truly sensual book. The sex was hot and interwoven beautifully into the book.  The characters were intelligent and well written, drawing you into the story, wanting to turn the page to find out more. You not only get caught up in the adventure of the voyages but the sexual encounters as well.

A book worth reading.

A four and a half handcuff review

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