Friday, January 3, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Unexpected Pleasures by Melody Snow Monroe

Sometimes, nothing can be done to stop the past from coming back to haunt you.

When the man who kidnapped Sarah Jacobsen a few months ago is tossed in jail, rumors abound about revenge. Sarah’s terrified, and her nightmares return worse than before. The two men, Liam Richland and Mason Sax, who watched over her after that fateful incident, fear Sarah’s life might be in danger and insist she move in with them. Sarah fears she might fall for them but knows there is no way two hunky men would ever want a dumpy math teacher. Then her favorite professor from high school is murdered, and everyone believes this is a sign to her.

Now more than ever, the men are determined to find out who wants to harm the woman they’re falling hard for. Too bad Sarah has no idea who she can trust. How can they keep her safe and love her at the same time?

Ms. Monroe's book Unexpected Pleasures (Pleasure Montana # 11) was every bit as good as the previous books.

Sarah was kidnapped and left for dead but she made it back alive, now the nightmares make her unsure of herself. Can the two men who protected her bring her back to life and show her she is loved and wanted just for herself?

Mason and Liam share everything from work to women. While protecting Sarah they both see a woman they could easily fall for.  But just as they get ready to make a move for Sarah a new threat shows up, can they keep her safe one more time?

Ms. Monroe's book was a wonderful read. I felt as though you were right there with them. The sex was hot and the interaction between them kept me turning the pages for more. I made me want to move to Montana and find my own men to keep me warm at night. Looking forward to the next book in the series. I would recommend this book and series to anyone in search of a great read.

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