Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Life I Never Knew by Jessie Colt

Meet Jessie Colt~ Author and reviewer.. Her new release The Life I Never Knew, The Clan 1, hits Secret Cravings Publishing January 24. Click on the link to pre-order your copy today!

Born in Duluth, Georgia, Jessie Colt still resides with her family and two lazy cats. A love of reading and reviewing led her to try her hand at erotic fiction. Encouraged by a friend to submit her book, the rest is history. You can find Jessie on any given day with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Excerpt (Adult)

Not quite sure she believed all this, but what else was she going to do? What proof could Jessie ask for? Suddenly it came to her. Their teeth. Surely they had fangs. That is what all the books and myths said. "Open your mouth. Show me your teeth."

Raven and Cable opened their mouths and sure enough they had fangs. Jessie reached up to make sure they weren't fake, and nicked her finger, a drop of blood pooled on the end and Raven licked it off.

“Mmmm,” he said as he closed his eyes and swallowed.

When he opened them back up a smile crossed his face and he put his hand on her cheek. He pulled Jessie close with his other hand and kissed her, a slow, soft brush of his lips. Raven moved aside as Cable took his place and kissed her with just as much passion. Jessie gasped and found his tongue in her mouth, rubbing over every surface. Dueling with Jessie's tongue, he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted Jessie off her feet. Jessie wrapped her legs around him. His hands moved to her ass, rubbed and squeezed each side. Raven moved in behind Jessie and began to rub his hands over her body while he kissed her neck.

This was heaven, never had any man drove Jessie so crazy before and she had two doing it now. So consumed by her lust she didn't even realize they were removing her clothes until she felt the cool breeze on her heated skin. Kissing her way down Cable’s neck, Jessie pulled back when they started kissing each other. She had never seen anything like it. To say it was hot was an understatement. They continued to touch her and kiss each other. Jessie started pulling at Cable’s shirt, needing skin

Raven and Cable pulled apart and smiled down at her. Cable asked, "Are you sure, little one?"

Giving her best seductive smile, she said, "Yes. And if you don't hurry up, I'm finishing without you."

Raven laughed and leaned back; removed his shirt and unsnapped his jeans. “In a hurry, little one? I want to take my time with you as I know Cable does.”

Once he was undressed Cable handed her over to him. Wrapping her legs around him like a monkey, she kissed him and wiggled in his arms. Cable undressed quickly and moved behind her, rubbing his cock against her ass. Jessie pushed back, wanting everything they had to give her.

Raven leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting the tip. Moaning loudly, Jessie put her hand behind his head and held it closer to her. “Hell yes, harder, please don't stop. That feels so damn good right now.”

Cable ran his hand up her thigh to her mound, slipping his fingers between the folds of skin rubbing and pinching her clitoris. Panting heavily, Jessie begged them. “Oh god please fuck me, fuck me now.”
Cable bit her ear lobe.

"You're so wet," he whispered. "We're both going to fuck you soon."

Shivering from the lust burning though her body, she began to babble and beg for more as they drove her out of her mind. He removed his hand from her nub and Jessie groaned in protest. Cable chuckled, kissed her neck, as she heard the snick of a cap and wondered what he was doing. Jessie didn't have long to wait, feeling the rub of his finger at her back opening. She tensed up. He kissed her in earnest and whispered words of comfort. “Relax, little one. We would never hurt you. Let us in. You want that, don't you?”

Jessie relaxed as his finger entered into her, taking her breath. She was stretched to her limits.

Raven was big—long and thick—it felt wonderful as he began to move inside of her, while Cable stretched her ass with his lubed finger. Jessie moaned as he added another one, working them both inside her.

"Please hurry."

Cable chuckled and pushed a third finger in her, working Jessie hard and fast. He pulled his fingers free and began to push his cock inside her ass. “Let me in, little one. I want to feel that tight ass wrapped around me.”

Jessie felt so full, simulated beyond her limits. The burn was intense and soon faded as they set a fast pace and all she could do was hang on for the ride. The moans and pants grew in volume. Jessie didn't care who was making them as long as they didn't stop moving.

Raven whispered in her ear, "Come, little one."

Jessie screamed out her pleasure and clamped down on their cocks buried inside of her “Oh damn, yes. That feels do good. Come with me, come with me, now.”

First Raven stiffened and groaned, pumping his seed into her, and then Cable went off doing the same.

She fell limp onto Raven’s body, glad he held her because right then she would have dropped hard to the ground. They each kissed Jessie and set her on her feet.

Slowly coming down from the high of sex, Jessie realized she had done it again. She had sex with two very hot guys but this time remembered it. Yeah me.

Jessie reached for her clothes and put them on. They still needed to talk. She had a question but no answer. The sex was off the chart but that didn’t help Jessie understand what was happening to her body, or how her life would change.

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